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Outpatient surgery: safe and time-saving

Fortunately and thanks to advances in medical technology, many clinics are equipped with appropriate medical facilities for outpatient surgery. Now, minor surgeries carried out in clinics are as safe as those carried out in hospitals. Minor surgeries in clinics can save more time and be more convenient to carry out than those performed in hospitals, reducing unnecessary hospitalisation and complex hospitalisation procedures. Lower surgical costs can reduce patients’ financial burden.

  • Time-saving - They reduce unnecessary hospitalisation and allow you to promptly recuperate at home.
  • Safe - Such surgeries are equipped with appropriate medical facilities that are as safe as those of hospitals.
  • Affordable - Their medical costs are relatively lower and also covered by medical insurance

AIA’s high-quality medical protection moves with the times

AIA understands the medical protection needs of customers and always stays attuned to the latest trends in medical technology. We always strive to provide high-quality and up-to-date medical coverage for our customers. Now, you may choose to undergo some surgical procedures1 in clinics, reducing unnecessary hospitalisation, saving hospitalisation fees and time, and enjoying comprehensive protection. Coverage2 includes:

  • surgical fees for necessary surgeries charged by a registered doctor
  • anesthetist fees
  • operating room costs

1 Subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy contract and Endorsement. AIA reserves the right to amend, supplement and/or cancel the extended coverage
2 Claim payable amount will be based on the actual charges or maximum benefit for surgical benefit, whichever is lower.

Please seek independent advice from appropriate professionals (e.g. doctors etc) before making any decision on the topic(s) mentioned in the relevant information as you may consider appropriate.

Illness is unpredictable. It is therefore imperative to start planning for your lifelong medical protection early in life, to get well-prepared financially and relieve your family from any worries when illness strikes. The Super Good Health Hospital & Surgical Rider provides you with a lifetime coverage of medical benefits and all-round healthcare management package.

  • Four Options with Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal

Offers four plan levels to those aged 70 and below and guaranteed a lifetime renewal of coverage#1.

  • Free Choice of Treatment Venue for Specified Surgeries
    • Advancement in medical technology means it is now possible for simple surgeries, such as cataract extraction, colonoscopy or gastroscopy, to be done in clinics, saving you the hassle of hospitalization.
    • You can book for the specified out-patient surgery at network clinics with the Super Good Health Network Card#2 without the trouble of having to pay#3.
    • Specified surgeries done at non-network clinics are covered.

Remarks : This Network Service is not applicable to the Deductible Version.

  • Bonus for Healthy Living

To encourage you to maintain your healthy living habits, you will be rewarded a special No Claim Bonus of up to #4 of the premium paid of Super Good Health Hospital & Surgical Rider for the preceding policy year if you have not made any claims in 3 or more consecutive policy years. You can still enjoy the bonus if you have received a specified surgery at any of our network clinics only#5.

No Claim Period Refund Percentage
3 consecutive policy years 5%
4 consecutive policy years 10%
5 or more consecutive policy years 15%

Remarks : The No Claim Bonus is not applicable to the Deductible Version.

  • Deductible Version Fills Protection Gap

    Medical expenses can go way beyond your budget, Super Good Health Hospital & Surgical Rider offers a Deductible Version to help you offset the hefty medical bills. It operates on a simple principle :

    • First, you apply for medical expenses reimbursement against your existing personal or employer’s group medical plan ;
    • Then you may apply to claim the balance from the Deductible Version

You can opt to convert the Deductible Version to Super Good Health Hospital & Surgical Rider anytime to enjoy the full coverage protection, and in particular upon the policy anniversary at the age of 50/55/60/65, with no health declaration required.

  • Overseas Emergency Support

You would want timely treatment and the appropriate medical support, or even the flexibility to return home for treatment, in case you suffer a serious injury or illness while travelling overseas. Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services provide emergency medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility.

Note :

#1 Renewal of this plan guaranteed, but the premium is not fixed. The renewal premium will be based on the applicable premium rate for the attained age of the Insured at the time of this renewal. By giving a 30-day prior notice in writing, we reserve the right to revise or adjust the benefit structure, premium rate and any other items of plan details.

#2 The specified surgical procedures are listed in the Policy Contract.

#3 Prior to the surgery, the Network Clinic will submit a Prior-Authorisation Request to AIA directly for the out-patient surgery charge to the Insured and will bill AIA directly for payment of covered charges for the approved surgery up to the applicable coverage limit. In case there is shortfall for the surgery. AIA will recover the shortfall from the Policy Owner.

#4 You shall be entitled to the highest Refund Percentage if applicable.

#5 You will not be entitled to the No Claim Bonus if you have received reimbursement for surgical procedures done at non-network clinics during the relevant policy years.


1. Benefits are only payable with respect to illness that commences 30 days after the Issue Date or Commencement Date (whichever is later) of this Policy whereas immediate coverage is provided for hospital confinements due to accidents.

2. For investigation, treatment, or surgery for tonsils, adenoids, hernia, or a disease peculiar to the female generative organs, the waiting period is 120 days.

3. The Panel Network Service will be effective from 180 days after the Issue Date / Commencement Date ( whichever is later ) of this Policy.

4. For Insured aged under 18, circumcision is excluded in the 1st year from the Issue Date or Commencement Date ( whichever is later ) of the Policy; there will be a deductible of US$625/HK$/MOP5,000 and US$375/HK$/MOP3,000 in the 2nd to 3rd year and 4th to 5th year respectively.

5. You may renew your Policy by advance payment of the appropriate annual premiums on each Policy Anniversary. We reserve the right to determine the terms and conditions for renewal.