AIA Goes Beyond Traditional Insurance with New AIA “Health & Wellness 360” Champions “Live Well”, “Protect Well” and “Get Well” to Take Care of Customer's Needs Comprehensively From Prevention, Protection, Treatment to Recovery Apply Now for Specified Protection Products to Enjoy 3 Months' Premium Refund

15 September 2021
AIA Hong Kong announces the launch of AIA “Health & Wellness 360”. Backed by the power of digital technology, it takes a proactive approach to provide customers with more brand-new health services, covering the three aspects of “Live Well”, “Protect Well” and “Get Well”. Among the newly added health services is the Digital Health Assistant that conducts a preliminary examination of customers' symptoms. Other new health services include “Rehabilitation Management” and “Medical Concierge Service” – both a joint effort with an independent third-party expert, a more diverse range of Telemedicine Service, and Cashless Hospitalisation that covers even more regions around the globe. All these services are designed to take total care of the customer's needs comprehensively from prevention, protection, treatment to recovery, helping them to live Heathier, Longer, Better Lives. In order to encourage customers to get more comprehensive health protection, customers who successfully apply for specified protection products during the promotion period can enjoy three months' premium refund1.
To convey this important message to the public, AIA Hong Kong today rolled out a large-scale promotion on AIA “Health & Wellness 360”. A new commercial with the theme of “For your health, we go beyond insurance” will also be broadcast on television and social media platforms later today.
Ms. Bonnie Tse, Chief Customer, Strategy and Transformation Officer at AIA Hong Kong & Macau, said: “As a leader in the insurance industry, AIA has gone beyond the norm of insurance about paying out claims only. We proactively provide customers with more essential health services and become their lifelong ‘Health Partner'.”
“Adhering to our ‘customer-centric' philosophy, AIA ‘Health & Wellness 360' leverages new digital technology to help customers build a healthy lifestyle in every aspect. Even if the customer feels unwell, we will proactively offer them more health services throughout their health journey, further enhance their customer service experience and help them live Healthier, Long, Better Lives.”


Key Features of AIA “Health & Wellness 360”:
AIA strives to be the lifelong health partner of its customers, and the all-new AIA “Health & Wellness 360” takes care of them from the three aspects of “Live Well”, “Protect Well” and “Get Well”:


“Live Well”
Starting with daily habits, AIA helps customers to monitor their health conditions closely, build a healthy lifestyle, prevent diseases and stay healthy.
  • Brand-New Digital Health Assistant: With the “AIA Connect” mobile app, customers can input their symptoms and the brand-new Digital Health Assistant will conduct a preliminary examination of the symptoms using AI technology.
  • AIA Vitality: Redefining the traditional concept of insurance, AIA Vitality is a game changing wellness programme that helps customers understand their health conditions and rewards them to live a healthy lifestyle by staying active, eating healthily and staying away from stress.
  • Free Wellness Activities: The Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park on the Central Harbourfront feature a wide range of free health and wellness activities – like yoga classes, music performances and family-friendly events – to encourage people to embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  • Free Medical Check-Up Services: Specified protection plans come with free medical check-up services for customers to better understand their health conditions.
  • AIA Workforce Wellbeing Programme: Through big-data analysis, AIA helps corporate clients recognise their employees' potential needs and overall health conditions, thereby offering tailor-made health solutions to help build a healthy and energetic workforce.
“Protect Well”
AIA offers innovative and comprehensive health protection products, paired with an extensive and high-quality medical network, to answer the needs of customers. In case of illness, customers can focus on their treatments and need not worry about unexpected medical expenses.
  • Extensive and Quality Medical Network: AIA's network covers 20 specialty services and more than 450 panel doctors.
  • Diversified and Innovative Health Protection Products:
    • Severity-Based Health Protection: “AIA One Absolute – Full Protection”2 is Hong Kong's first protection plan that determines claims based on the severity of a patient's medical journey, covering unlimited illnesses, including existing and unknown ones in the future, giving customers total peace of mind.
    • Medical Protection: AIA provides various medical protection plans for customers to choose from based on their needs and budget, alleviating their financial burden of healthcare expenses. For example, “AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Privilege Plus Scheme”3 offers medical protection with up to HKD50 million Lifetime Benefit Limit, a premium discount of up to 15% if no claim is made, and tax deductions4.
    • Critical Illness Protection: The insured will receive financial support via a lump sum payment if they are diagnosed with a critical illness, in order to ease their financial burden so they can focus on their treatment. AIA “Protect Elite Ultra 3”5 has multiple innovative features, including the cancer waiting period shortened to 1 year, lifetime cover6 for an unborn baby right after birth, up to five claims in total for cancer, heart attack or stroke – total benefits reaching up to 500% of the Initial Sum Assured.
    • Accident Protection: Unexpected accidents can be stressful. An accident protection plan eases customers' stress by providing them with the necessary financial support in the event of accidents. AIA “Xtra Protect” provides customers with comprehensive accident protection for just a few dollars per day, offering cover for commonly used Chinese and Western treatments by the public to support them through challenges in life.
  • 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance: AIA's medical support services span around the globe, and come with a 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance hotline.
“Get Well”
AIA provides customers with diverse treatment and rehabilitation support services, and works with esteemed medical institutions and professional service providers from around the globe to offer appropriate medical advice to customers. Customers can be assured of care and support services throughout their journey from treatment to recovery, and soon return to a healthy life.
  • Brand-New “Rehabilitation Management” and “Medical Concierge Service”: First in the industry, AIA partnered with an independent third-party company to launch the “Personal Medical Case Management Services” which was supported by more than 4,000 leading medical specialists worldwide. AIA stepped it up today with the introduction of “Rehabilitation Management” and “Medical Concierge Service”. From diagnosis, treatment to rehabilitation, the services offer access to third-party expert advice and a personalised treatment and rehabilitation plan to help customers overcome a serious illness and return to a healthy life.
  • More Diversified Telemedicine Service: Customers can book appointments with hospitals or medical service providers and receive video consultation services in the comfort of their homes, while prescribed medicine is delivered usually within four hours.
  • Expanded “Cashless Hospitalisation” Network: “Cashless Hospitalisation” service, which is already available to customers in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, has now been extended to Canada. This allows customers to enjoy the ease and convenience of “Cashless Hospitalisation” in even more places around the globe.
  • “Medical Green Passage” – Priority Appointment Booking for Medical Services in Mainland China: Customers can enjoy priority appointment booking services at designated healthcare facilities in Mainland China, including more than 480 leading hospitals, via a 24-hour reservation hotline. While no medical proof is required, customers will no longer have to endure long wait times.
  • AIA Union GI & Specialists Centre – One-Stop Quality Medical Service Centre: As Hong Kong's first joint venture between insurance and healthcare sectors, the AIA Union GI & Specialists Centre was established by AIA and Union Hospital. The Centre brings a one-stop service to customers, featuring affordable and high-quality medical services including gastrointestinal endoscopy, diagnosis, and related minor day surgeries.
  • Precision Oncology Drugs Response Test: The service helps cancer patients in the shortest time possible decide on the most suitable drugs based on the cancer's genomic profile, resulting in a higher chance of recovery and longer living. AIA customers can enjoy a privileged rate*.
From AIA Hong Kong & Macau: Ms. Bonnie Tse, Chief Customer, Strategy and Transformation Officer (right)
and Mr. Ivan Choi, Director of Marketing and Business Planning (left)
announce the launch of AIA “Health & Wellness 360” that goes beyond traditional insurance.
All information above is for reference only, and does not constitute any offer and/or insurance product recommendation. The product information in this material does not contain the full terms of the product. For details of the product features, terms and conditions, exclusions and key product risks, please refer to the product brochure and policy contract of relevant products or visit the website.

AIA and its intermediaries do not have relevant licences and/or qualifications to provide medical services. Some services are provided by independent third-party companies. AIA shall not be responsible or liable for any medical service, product and solicitation effort provided by third-party companies, which is not sold or marketed by AIA. Some services are available to eligible customers only and are subject to the relevant terms and conditions. Customers might need to pay for additional charges. For details, please contact your financial planner. AIA and its intermediaries do not provide any medical advice. You should consult your medical advisors for any professional medical advice.
1 The promotion period is from now until 30 September 2021. For details of specified protection products and the terms and conditions of the offer, please refer to the promotion leaflet or visit
2 “AIA One Absolute – Full Protection” can be purchased as a basic plan or as a rider.
3 “AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Privilege Plus Scheme” can be purchased as a basic plan. Apart from the aforesaid “AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Privilege Plus Scheme”, customers can also purchase “AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Standard Scheme”.
4 AIA VHIS Series are only available in Hong Kong. Please refer to for product details. For details of tax deductions, please refer to and consult tax and accounting advisors for tax advice. AIA and its intermediaries do not provide any tax or accounting advice.
5 AIA “Protect Elite Ultra 3” can be purchased as a basic plan.
6 AIA “Protect Elite Ultra 3” Series provide this cover.
* The privileged rate is available to customers of selected AIA Hong Kong's medical plans, including AIA VHIS Flexi Scheme, AIA VHIS Prime Scheme, AIA CEO & CEO Essence Series and AIA Super Good Health Series (only applicable to standard private / ultra-deluxe / super-deluxe plans).
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