Health Arrangement Service





Backed by a global medical network, the service is designed to give you, through a designated service provider, the administrative support you need when you travel to Hong Kong for medical solutions.

Our designated service provider will recommend hospitals that are suitable to you based on your needs for your consideration. Once you have decided on a treatment plan, the logistics such as transportation, accommodations, and even medical repatriation if necessary will be arranged on your behalf for yourself and your companions.

The Service


To be eligible, customer should be insured under any of the following plans (both Basic and Rider versions):

  • CEO Pearl Medical Plan 2
  • CEO Pearl Medical Plan (Worldwide) 2
  • CEO Pearl Medical Plan 3
  • CEO Pearl Medical Plan (Worldwide) 3
  • CEO Pearl Medical Plan 5
  • CEO Pearl Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5

  • CEO Essence Pearl Medical Plan
  • CEO Essence Pearl Medical Plan 2*
* Also applicable to AIA Vitality version

  • Regal Health Plan
  • Regal Health (Worldwide)

  • Privilege Plus Pearl Medical Plan*
* Also applicable to AIA Vitality version

  • Privilege Pearl Medical Rider*
* Also applicable to AIA Vitality version
Important Information:
  1. The above services are applicable to insured of eligible products only.
  2. The above services are provided in Hong Kong by the designated service provider engaged by AIA subject to the terms and conditions thereof, and such services are not applicable to Macau region.
  3. Health Arrangement Service is provided by Inter Partner Assistance Hong Kong Limited ("IPA"). IPA is an independent third party company. AIA shall not be responsible or liable for any medical service, product and solicitation effort provided by IPA, which is not sold or marketed by AIA.
  4. Subject to certain insurance policy provisions, the Health Arrangement Service is value added service and does not form part of the contractual benefit and is non guaranteed. AIA reserves the right to amend or cancel the service or service provider(s) at any time without prior notice at its absolute discretion. For details, please contact AIA for enquiry. Please take note that the actual claim reimbursement shall be subject to the provision of complete claim documents, insured's benefits entitlement, exclusion, policy contract, terms and condition of eligible product(s).
  5. With customer's informed consent, IPA will use the customer's personal particulars for verification of identity and eligibility to use the Health Arrangement Service and appointment booking of the services under the Health Arrangement Service.
  6. During the benefit term of the eligible policy(ies) when it is in force, for each eligible policy, eligible customers are entitled to use the Health Arrangement Service once within 12 months of the submission of medical report(s) with diagnosis. The Health Arrangement Service includes reviewing medical cases, recommending hospitals for treatment and the following administrative support services^:
    1. Arrangement of hospital booking and administrative coordination for hospitalisation
    2. Advice on visa application
    3. Arrangement of air tickets and/or train tickets
    4. Arrangement of hotel accommodations
    5. Arrangement of limousine transportation in Hong Kong
    6. Arrangement of escort personnel for hospital admission and discharge
    7. Arrangement of medical repatriation to country of residence or designated location

    ^ Upon receipt of customer's medical report(s), IPA will immediately review the medical case and it is deemed as service activation. Customers must complete the above services under Health Arrangement Service within 90 days of service activation. If customers need to continue the treatment for the illness with the same diagnosis in Hong Kong, customers can repeatedly use the administrative support services listed under paragraphs 6a-6g above within 12 months of service activation. If customers choose to discontinue or not to use any service after activation of Health Arrangement Service, the Health Arrangement Service shall be deemed to have been used once. Except for the administrative support, all actual expenses (such as visa application, air tickets, train tickets, hotel accommodations, limousine transportation, escort personnel and medical repatriation etc.) incurred for the services under Health Arrangement Service shall be borne by the customer.
  7. AIA is not the service provider or the agent of the service provider. We make no representation, warranty or undertaking as to the quality and availability of the service, and shall not accept any responsibility or liability for the services provided by the service provider. Under no circumstance shall we be responsible or liable for the acts or omissions or services of the service provider.
"AIA" or "we" herein refers to AIA International Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability)