AIA Hong Kong Wins Service and Brand Awards for Four Years in a Row In Recognition of its Medical and Retirement Protection Solutions

26 March 2021
AIA Hong Kong has won for the fourth consecutive year at the “Sing Tao Service Awards” and “Ohpama Brand Awards”, sweeping multiple awards for its outstanding medical and retirement protection solutions. The awards reflect the wide recognition of the Company's quality service and excellent brand among the public and the professional judging panels over the years.
AIA Hong Kong has won the following awards:


 Organiser  Awards  Category / Award Name
 Sing Tao Daily  Sing Tao Service Awards 2020
  • “Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme” category
  • “MPF Services” category
 Parenting media "”
 Ohpama Brand Awards 2020
  • Most Favourite Health Protection Award
  • Most Favourite Retirement Protection Award

Mr. Alger Fung, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, said, "Quality service is one of the keys to achieving an outstanding brand. AIA Hong Kong has been meeting the needs of customers through different life stages and is committed to providing comprehensive medical and retirement protection solutions with professional service. Winning at the ‘Sing Tao Service Awards' and ‘Ohpama Brand Awards' for four consecutive years is an affirmation of our years of hard work and effort. We will continue to elevate customer experience through superb products, quality service and innovative technology, helping them to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.”

In recent years, the public has become increasingly aware of the importance of protection which is reflected in the rising demand for medical and retirement solutions. AIA Hong Kong has been catering to the ever changing needs of the evolving market. In addition to a diverse range of medical insurance products, the Company has also launched a series of products under the Government's Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) to meet the needs of different customer groups.

According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by international research and data analysis firm YouGov, AIA is the most preferred brand1 for VHIS by Hong Kong people, underlining AIA's strengths and leading position in the VHIS market.

In addition, AIA Hong Kong's “Tax Deductible” Product Series not only cover VHIS and deferred annuity products, but also include MPF Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution (MPF TVC), a simple and flexible financial management tool that helps the general public enhance their retirement protection while enjoying tax deductions2, getting them better prepared for retirement.

The “Sing Tao Service Awards” aims to recognise outstanding business entities for providing customers with quality products and services. Winners were selected by the public and a panel of judges based on the criteria of brand awareness, service quality, brand positioning, trustworthiness and brand management.

The “Ohpama Brand Awards” recognises brands which have made remarkable achievements in providing excellent products and services for parents, infants and young children, as well as household, education, financial planning and health protection. Winning brands were selected via public voting plus evaluation by the editorial board of “”.
AIA Hong Kong has won for the fourth consecutive year at the “Sing Tao Service Awards” and “Ohpama Brand Awards”, a testament to the wide recognition of the Company's quality service and excellent brand among the public and the professional judging panels.
1. AIA commissioned international research and data analysis firm YouGov to interview 1,020 respondents aged 18 years old or above in Hong Kong in January 2021.
2. Tax deductions is one of the allowable deductions from assessable income, it does not equate to a direct deduction from total tax payable. AIA Hong Kong does not provide any tax or accounting advice. For details of tax deductions, please visit the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of HKSAR website and consult tax and accounting advisors for tax advice.
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