AIA Hong Kong Launches its Youth-inspired Co-creation Programme "Cre8 by AIA" Competition

24 May 2022
Exclusive Mentorship from Star Mentors and a total of HK$1.5-million Kickstart Fund for Youths to Co-create their Dreams
"Forget the whys. Drop the debate. You don't need a reason to Cre8."
AIA Hong Kong has launched its youth-inspired co-creation programme "Cre8 by AIA" competition which features a total of HK$1.5-million Cre8 kickstart fund to empower the youth to ignite their creative ideas into sustainable careers. Inspired by hot topics in town, the programme welcomes submissions on creative ideas across five categories. "Master of Cre8", Neo Yau, Founder of "Trial & Error" Channel, will lead five other Cre8 Star Mentors and Judges to provide mentorship to shortlisted cre8tors under each category to guide them in kickstarting their "Cre8tion" into real businesses. The Mentors are as follows:
Five Categories
Mentors and Judges
Performance Creation
Hins Cheung, Multi-talented Singer-songwriter
Rap Chan, Creator of Dustykid – Soul Caring Brand
Food & Beverage
Grégoire Michaud, Founder of Bakehouse – Bakery
Go Green
Terence Hon, Co-founder of GreenPrice – Social Enterprise
Innovation & Technology
Chris Chan, Co-founder of 9GAG
Ms. Bonnie Tse, Chief Customer, Strategy and Transformation Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau says, "AIA has been a long-time proponent of the youth community to create shared value for society. Young people today are brimming with creativity and a strong desire for breakthroughs, but there may be a lack of suitable platforms and opportunities for them to truly shine. "Cre8 by AIA" is born out of such visions to invest in young people, launching their "aspirations" into "co-creations" by providing them with Cre8 kickstart fund, publicity opportunities, strategic consultations from Star Mentors and many more. AIA is proud to be able to provide a powerful platform for them to create a future with infinite possibilities."

A total of HK$1.5-million Cre8 kickstart fund and guidance to chase their dreams
The five categories will see two shortlisted cre8tors who will become interns for the respective Star Mentors. They will receive personal guidance and mentorship to fulfill their aspiration. Mentors who will also take on the role as Judges, will select winners from the shortlisted cre8tors. The winner of each category (five winners in total) will each receive HK$300,000 from a combined total of the HK$1.5 million Cre8 kickstart fund for the pursuit of their ambition in building their career.

Moreover, "Cre8 by AIA" will launch a series of online and offline public events in the next six months to support the young participants. The event line-up features Star Mentors and Judges sharing their first-hand experience and takeaways throughout their career journey on Instagram, and answering questions from aspiring youth. "Cre8 by AIA" is also planning to arrange face to face engagement activities for the public to cheer for the shortlisted cre8tors as they forge a new chapter of their future.
You've got a dream. We've got you a team! Apply Cre8 by AIA now!
"Cre8 by AIA" is open for application from 24 May 2022 to 15 August 2022. Interested individuals are cordially invited to submit their application and Cre8tion proposal on to fulfill their dreams.
(From left to right)
Rap Chan, Creator of Dustykid – Soul Caring Brand,
Chris Chan, Co-founder of 9GAG,
Neo Yau, Founder of "Trial & Error" Channel,
Ivan Choi, Director, Marketing and Business Planning of AIA Hong Kong & Macau
Terence Hon, Co-founder of GreenPrice – Social Enterprise, and
Grégoire Michaud, Founder of Bakehouse – Bakery at "Cre8 by AIA" press conference.
Cre8 by AIA Manifesto Videos
Remark: Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the latest information on
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About "Cre8 by AIA"
"Cre8 by AIA" competition is a youth-inspired co-creation programme dedicated to supporting young people to fully unleash their creativity to co-create tomorrow with infinite possibilities. "Cre8 by AIA" provides comprehensive support for young people to fulfill their creative aspirations, creating shared values for society. The Programme is designed to support talents in five categories – "Performance Creation", "Design", "Food & Beverage", "Go Green" and "Innovation & Technology". Young people are cordially invited to submit their "Cre8tion" to the applicable category for an opportunity to enter "Cre8 by AIA". Shortlisted cre8tors will not only receive mentorships from Star Mentors and Judges, and promotional support from Cre8 for their endeavours but also stand a chance to win a Cre8 kickstart fund totalling HK$1.5 million to pursue their dreams in building a career.
Cre8 website:
Cre8 Instagram: cre8hk
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Overview of "Cre8 by AIA"

"Cre8 by AIA" competition is a youth-inspired co-creation programme that accepts applications across five categories –"Performance Creation", "Design", "Food & Beverage", "Go Green" and "Innovation & Technology". See more details below:
Phase Date Introduction
Phase 1
24 May to 15 August 2022 All Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above on the date of application with a valid Hong Kong Identity Card are eligible to enter the competition.
Phase 2
Announcement of Shortlisted Cre8tors
August to September 2022 Cre8 Judges will choose two shortlisted Cre8tors from each of the five categories to enter the next round (10 places in total).
Phase 3
September to October 2022 Mentors from each category will give personal guidance to shortlisted Cre8tors on their "Cre8tion" for refinements.
Phase 4
Award Ceremony for Winners
November 2022 Mentors from each category will take on the roles as Judges to choose one winner out of the two shortlisted Cre8tors. Each winner will receive a HK$300,000 Cre8 kickstart fund to fulfill their creative aspiration.
About Categories
Categories Examples
Performance Creation TV, movie, drama, script-writing, multimedia (e.g. running a new page or channel on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube), music, song-writing, dancing, visual effects, etc.
Design Graphics, illustrations, visual arts, fashion, products (including jewellery and accessories), branding and packaging, interior design, architecture, advertising, etc.
Food & Beverage Catering, culinary (e.g. various cuisines, bread, cakes and pastry, beverage, brewing), food processing, etc.
Go Green Recycling, upcycling, agriculture, conservation of habitats/species/historical sites,etc.
Innovation & Technology All inventions, app development, games, new technology applied to education/security/health/finance, etc.
Application for "Cre8 by AIA" competition, a youth-inspired co-creation programme is open from 24 May 2022 to 15 August 2022. Interested individuals may submit their application and proposal on

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria Ratio
Your cre8tion (concept attractiveness) 30%
How to make your cre8tion come true (Implementation) 30%
How to sustain it (Sustainability) 40%
For more detailed judging criteria, please refer to clause 6 of the Terms and Conditions of "Cre8 by AIA".
About Mentors
Cre8 Master Mentor and Judge of 5 Categories Biography

Neo Yau
Founder of "Trial & Error" Channel
Neo Yau debuted his creative career with the film She Remembers, He Forgets (2015). He continues his journey in film and TV and launched his first movie to self-direct, produce and star – Haters Gonna Stay (2019).

A 90s-born slasher, Neo founded the "Trial & Error" Channel in 2020 to set trends on various topics with different styles of videos, such as mockumentary and secondary production of movies. To date, "Trial & Error" Channel has recruited a solid fan base of over 400,000 subscribers, making waves in the city.

Mentors and Judges Category Biography

Hins Cheung
Multi-talented Singer-songwriter
Performance Creation
Hins Cheung debuted as a singer in 2001 with a prolific career of one award-winning hit after another.

Hins is dedicated to promoting the development of local music entertainment, and the film and TV industry. Recently, Hins launched his personal YouTube channel with the widely popular trending series Hin Gung Haau Wun (軒公敲碗).

A self-motivator, Hins is well-known for breaking through his comfort zone. He has been active in running various businesses including studios, restaurants, a wedding dress brand and music labels. At present, he shares his story with all walks of life while excelling as an entrepreneur and a vocal artist.

Rap Chan
Creator of Dustykid – Soul Caring Brand
Rap Chan is the creator behind the fictional character "Dustykid" – first debuted in 2005 and has since garnered the likes of readers for his emotionally therapeutic content on social media.

Dustykid has gathered over 1 million followers. Since 2014, Rap has collaborated with publishers to create soul soothing illustrations with over 50 titles in circulation. He has been nominated as one of the feature writers of the 2020 & 2021 Hong Kong Book Fair. Throughout all these years, many Dustykid books have been named as the best-selling books among different book stores.

Dustykid is known for its positivity among local organisations and charities, and is key in the promotion of emotional wellbeing.

Grégoire Michaud
Founder of Bakehouse - Bakery
Food & Beverage
Grégoire Michaud cut his culinary teeth with a professional apprenticeship at a local bakery at the age of 15. After concluding an eight-year tenure as the Executive Pastry Chef at a five-star hotel, Michaud decided to scale up his expertise in artisan production by opening Bread Elements in 2013, a centralised bakery supplying sourdough bread and pastries to some of Hong Kong's finest kitchens. He opened Bakehouse by Gregoire Michaud in Wanchai in 2018, making yet another wave in nurturing the city's appreciation of artisanal baked goods and sourdough loaves.

Following the success of its first outlet, Bakehouse expanded into Central and Tsim Sha Tsui in 2021 respectively with its 2nd and 3rd outlets.

Terence Hon
Co-founder of GreenPrice – Social Enterprise
Go Green
Terence Hon founded his social enterprise "GreenPrice" in 2006 with his university classmates after having witnessed serious food waste at recycling groups up-close in Hong Kong years ago. His team sells products close to "expiry" but are nonetheless safe at a low price in an effort to turnaround the local perception of "expired product" in order to reduce waste.

GreenPrice now operates 7 branches in Hong Kong on top of online distribution.

Chris Chan
Co-founder of 9GAG
Innovation & Technology
Chris Chan founded 9GAG in 2008 with his brother and other co-founders as a cross-platform creative social group.

9GAG is inspired by the Cantonese slang "telling a gag" with the intention to create a happier world that is "just for fun". 9GAG users may share interesting content and meet friends on the platform easily.

Fast forward to today, 9GAG has evolved from a local brand to one of the world's biggest online entertainment platforms. In the ever-growing meme culture, 9GAG is seen as the largest source of memes in the West. 9GAG has a monthly viewer count of more than 100 million with over 58 million followers on Instagram, close to 42 million followers on Facebook and another over 16 million on Twitter.

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