Reasons for choosing the financial planning industry

Policy Support and trends, Market Opportunity – A model that facilitates continuous purchase

Financial planning industry

Financial Planning is flowing a plan to organize assets. By acting in accordance to each individual's lifestyle we utilize financial tools and knowledge to grow your financial portfolio and set plan according to the potential risks.

Reasons for choosing the financial planning industry

Hong Kong's advantage – a massive market that is growing

Insurance and other financial products meet the needs of population cycle and support economic development. Hong Kong has 163 authorised insurers, and is recognised as the city that has the highest insurance density in Asia, with a penetration rate ranked 2nd in the world. Moreover, 14 of the world's top 20 insurance companies are in Hong Kong or have operations in Hong Kong. 

Policy Support and trends

Since 2019, the Hong Kong government has implemented various market policies including voluntary health insurance scheme, deferred annuity and Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions to support the industry. In 2020, the government had speed up the scrutiny of applications for pilot trials using the Insurtech Sandbox that involve virtual on-boarding using video conferencing tools, and promote local insurance companies to set up after-sales service centers in the Greater Bay Area.

Market opportunity – consumption pattern with continuous purchase

The insurance and wealth management industry has the capability and capacity to cope with the changes in the society and customer needs. Hong Kong is currently facing the challenges of an aging population that is in dire need of medical cover and personal financial planning . Furthermore, with an increased average life expectancy, it is imperative to ensure that sufficient reserve is available for each individual's retirement fund.

Career development – transforming work into a life-long career

A good track record and performance can help to build your own team and pursue a life-long career as an entrepreneur. You may also choose to work with those who are qualified and capable, making them your business partners of choice.


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