Prevention is better than cure. Vaccination can help lower the chance of diseases. Members can enjoy vaccinations at the Hong Kong Health Check and Macau Yinkui Hospital.

In addition, you can also earn AIA Vitality Points after receiving the vaccination.


Be proactive and get preventive vaccinations (flu, HPV, Hepatitis A&B and COVID-19) today!

Hong Kong Health Check

Members can receive the following vaccinations at Hong Kong Health Check with a special price:
  1. Flu vaccination
  2. Hepatitis A vaccination
  3. Hepatitis B vaccination
  4. Hepatitis A & B vaccination
  5. HPV vaccination (females aged 18 - 26)
You can earn 1,000 points for each eligible injection.

Macau Yinkui Hospital

Members can enjoy the following vaccinations at Macau Yinkui Hospital:
  1. Flu vaccination
  2. Hepatitis B vaccination
  3. Hepatitis A & B vaccination
  4. HPV Gardasil (For Females 18 to 26 years old)
You can earn 1,000 points for each eligible injection.

Other Healthcare Providers

You can have any of the vaccinations done at healthcare provider and claim your AIA Vitality Points by submitting proof of your results.
Please note: The vaccinations need to be done in the past 6 months within the current membership year.