List of AIA e-Advice Correspondences

Please find the list below for statements / advice that are currently applicable to the AIA e-Advice service. If any correspondence is not included in the list, printed copy of that correspondence will be mailed to you by postage.
Change of Address / Telephone Number
Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service Update
Investment Re-Allocation
Request for Switching
Notice of Premium Holiday
Reduction on Sum Assured Confirmation Letter
Potential Lapse Notice
Annuity Anniversary Statement
Anniversary Statement
Notice of Automatic Premium Loan
Notice of Policy Lapsation - Loan exceeded Cash Value
Confirmation of Direct Debit Set-up (Autopay)
Problem with Direct Debit Set-up (Autopay)
Autopay Reject Letter
Unsuccessful Autopay
Unsuccessful Autopay
Invalid Direct Debit (Autopay)
Premium Notice
Grace Period Expiration Notice
Claims Progress Letter - Waiting Doctor/Hospital Reply
CEO Medical Plan 2 - Enhanced Cover
CEO Essence Benefit Upgrade 2017 letter
CEO Deductible Conversion Reminder Letter
Project 100 Confirmation Letter
Notification Letter for the Spring Income Plan
Cheerful Life Long Term Bonus Letter
Cheerful Life SGH No Claim Bonus Letter
Claims e-BankIn Settlement Letter
Cheerful Super Good Health with Supplemental Major Medical (Standard) Rider - Cost of Insurance Adjustment
Protect Elevator Plus - Cancer Shield Benefit Relaxation
Death Benefit Settlement Option Enhancement
e-Pending Memo
Policy Change Confirmation Letter/Endorsement
Claims Progress Letter
Notice of Extended Term Insurance
Notification for Coverage Expiry (EXPIR)
Free Accidental Hospital Income Protection
Monthly Tax Request Letter
FATCA Renewal Letter
Transaction Advice for Allocation of Unit(s)
Withdrawal of FPDA/Dividend Account confirmation letter
"AIA e-Invest" - Rejected Transaction
CCBA Auto Installment
Advance Payment Before Premium Adjustment Letter
IVL Shortage Amount Put To FPDA Letter
IVL Update Premium From FPDA Letter
IVL Return of Overseas Cheque Payment Letter
Journey Protect Medical Plan - Benefit Upgrade
Journey Protect Deductible Conversion Reminder Letter
Policy Loan confirmation letter
Letter of Guarantee
Notice of Policy Lapsation - Traditional Life / Health & Accident Insurance
Submission of Customer Identification Document for No Claim Bonus
Confirmation of Requested Policy Change
POS Financial Letter epayment
e-BankIn Confirmation Letter
AIA e-Invest Internet Service
ILAS Post Sales Call Notification Letter
(NB) GL16 Post Sales Call Notification Letter
Citibank Post Sales Call Notification Letter
(POS) GL16 Post Sales Call Notification Letter
Mainland China Visitors Welcome Call Notification Letter
<<Customer Protection Declaration>> Notification Letter
Notice of Premium Change
Premium Refund for Company Campaign (PXRFD)
Policy Account Statement
Policy Account Statement
Notice of Policy Lapsation - Return of Premium Insurance
Notice of Automatic Termination of Regular Cash
Notice of Reduced Paid-Up Insurance
Non-Receipt of Premium of Supplementary Contract(s)
Partial Withdrawal of Funds to Settle Monthly Premium
Policy Loan confirmation letter - e-BankIn
SGH Deductible Conversion Reminder Letter
Notification for No Claim Bonus Payment
StepUp Medical Protection Plan - Benefit Enhancement
Surrender confirmation letter
Payment Advice for Policy Surrender
Transfer of Ownership Letter
Notice of Incentive Payment
Notice of Policy Lapsation - Investment-Linked & Universal Life Insurance
Surrender confirmation letter-Investment-Linked & Universal Life Insurance
Invitation Letter for VHIS Migration (Ref: VHIS3)
Invitation Letter for VHIS Migration (Ref: VHIS4)
Invitation Letter for VHIS Migration (Ref: VHIS5)
VHIS Notice
VHIS Premium Certificate
Invitation Letter for VHIS Migration
Migration to AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
VHIS Refund Certificate
AIA Vitality Membership Status Change Notification Letter
AIA Vitality Status Change Notification Letter
AIA Vitality Membership Confirmation Letter
Potential Lapse Warning Report (Normal)
Wealth FlexiProtector - change of death benefit option
Confirmation letter of Partial Withdrawal of Funds
Cashier Receipt