You may choose to settle renewal premium or AIA Vitality renewal membership fee by visiting any “7-Eleven” convenience stores in Hong Kong. Simply bring along Premium Notice, Grace Period Expiration Notice or AIA Vitality Member Notification with “7-Eleven” QR Code to the convenience stores, you can settle payment at ease.

Important information
  • Payment is limited by cash in Hong Kong Dollars at “7-Eleven” in Hong Kong only.
  • “7-Eleven” QR Code is only shown in:
    1. Premium Notice and Grace Period Expiration Notices where the“total premium and levy amount” is displayed in Hong Kong Dollars or its equivalent, with payable amount up to HK$5,000; 
    2. Member Notification to AIA Vitality members in Hong Kong for settling renewal membership fee.
  • “7-Eleven” QR Code will expire beginning of the 61st day from the payment due date. 
  • Please retain the receipt from “7-Eleven”  as payment record.
  • The entire payment transaction takes 3 working days to process. You should make payment well in advance of the premium due date.