Cheque deposit machine payment

You can deposit the cheque to pay bills at the 24-hours self-service cheque deposit machines in Bank of China (Hong Kong) branches across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories, as follows:

Please select the appropriate category for the Bill Type:
*Please select bill type 01 to pay premium and levy (if applicable) together in one transaction. If premium is paid and you would like to pay the levy only (if applicable), please select bill type 05.

Cut-off time of Cheque Deposit Machines Payment:

Cut-off time* Time required to process a transaction
Monday to Friday or before 5:00 pm Processing in Same Bank Business Day
after depositing the cheque
Monday to Friday after 5pm/
Saturday, Sunday/Public Holidays
Processing in Next Bank Business Day
after depositing the cheque
* The actual cut-off time depends on the bank's final processing time

Important information:
  • We can only accept cheques issued by policyholder or the insured.
  • Please keep the Cheque deposit machine confirmation advice for your record.
  • Please make the payment in advance of the due date, as it takes 3 working days to process the payment.

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