You may pay short payment of new policy, the renewal premium of the General Insurance (only applicable for products with policy prefix of “C”), renewal fee of AIA Vitality membership or outstanding levy via PayMe by clicking here.
As each PayMe QR Code is unique by linking up to individual policy number/ AIA Vitality Membership Number with its payable amount, you can settle payment by simply scanning the PayMe QR Code by the scanner built-in in the PayMe mobile application.

Important information
  • For payment through PayMe, please arrange payment 3 working days before the due date, and you may take a screenshot of the PayMe payment record for reference.
  • If payment is made through a Non-eligible payor's account, we reserve the right to decline payment and may refund the payment to payor's e-Wallet.
  • Payment limit is pre-set by bank / e-Wallet operator. Please contact relevant parties for details.
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