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Lifetime protection against all difficulties

Cancer Guardian Mega / Cancer Guardian Plus / Cancer Guardian
provides you with comprehensive support during treatment and rehabilitation

Many people work hard every day and maintain a healthy lifestyle to provide stable and comfortable lives for their family and to deliver the commitment of love to them. But even with a healthy lifestyle, it does not mean that you will not contract cancer. Nowadays, one in four men and one in five women in Hong Kong are at serious risk of contracting cancer before turning 75^. Over the last decade, close to 40% of sufferers were in aged 60 and below*, indicating that more people are contracting the illness at a younger age.

AIA understands your worries and needs, which is why we bring you the Cancer Guardian series, providing you with not only comprehensive lifetime protection from the difficulties caused by cancer but also additional benefits covering care during convalescence. In addition to all-inclusive lifetime cancer protection through reimbursement of essential costs for a reasonable premium, it compensates you for both diagnosis and treatment expenses and even the consultation cost of any complications due to Covered Cancers. By securing financial support as you recover, Cancer Guardian series is your strongest weapon in the battle to rehabilitate after suffering cancer.

^ Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority November 2014, based on a study of 2012 cancer statistics.
* Website of Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority, based on the 2003-2012 statistics of average prevalence rate of cancers of different parts of the body.
Source: Research of Cancer Trend and Medical Expenses by GfK Hong Kong, a market research company, on behalf of AIA (data collection date: January 2015)

Three plans with guaranteed lifetime renewal1
In addition to providing a full range of protection for the treatment of cancer, Cancer Guardian series puts you at ease and safeguards your health by offering you guaranteed insurability and lifetime renewal1. With the following three plans to choose from, Cancer Guardian series can fully satisfy your needs and budget:

Cancer Guardian Mega
Cancer Guardian Plus
Cancer Guardian

Comprehensive cancer treatment protection and care
Cancer Guardian series provides protection for Covered Cancer treatment by compensating you for all actual expenses related to diagnostic examination, cancer treatment, reconstructive surgery, and prevention of recurrence. Standing by your side against all odds, AIA gives you further peace of mind by alleviating the financial burden on your family.

Diagnostic Benefit
In the unfortunate event of you being diagnosed with one of the Covered Cancers, Cancer Guardian series will fully compensate you for expenses related to medically necessary diagnostic examinations for directly ascertaining that you are suffering from a Covered Cancer.

Cancer Treatment Benefits
We will reimburse the inpatient or outpatient expenses incurred for consultation or treatment due to a Covered Cancer or any related complication, including:

• Hospitalisation and Treatment Benefits2:
    - Hospitalisation and surgery expenses incurred for treatment of Covered Cancers;
• Outpatient expenses for treatment of Covered Cancers:
    - Medical expenses incurred for all active or palliative treatments including targeted therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy and out-patient surgery;
    - Medications required for the active or palliative treatment of cancer, including anti-nausea drugs, anti-rejection drugs, anti-vertigo drugs, and anti-anodynes.

Reconstructive Surgery Benefit
Cancer Guardian
series also covers reconstructive surgery to give you more comprehensive protection. If you require reconstructive surgery on the head or breast as a result of treatment for a Covered Cancer, we will reimburse the cost of essential surgical procedures including the cost of the surgeon and anaesthetist, etc.

Monitoring Benefit
As preventing cancer from recurring is a vital part of the recovery process, AIA will reimburse the cost of cancer monitoring and consultation for up to 5 years after the completion of active treatment. This gives you peace of mind by giving you a much clearer picture of the progress of your rehabilitation.

Target Protection Benefit3
If you are unfortunately diagnosed with the following Cancers after purchasing Cancer Guardian Mega or Cancer Guardian Plus of Cancer Guardian series, the individual Per Covered Cancer Limit will be increased by 50%4 (including Diagnostic Benefit, Cancer Treatment Benefits, Reconstructive Surgery Benefit and Monitoring Benefit):

(I) Any Covered Cancer classified as Stage IV;
(II) Liver Cancer;
(III) Brain Cancer;
(IV) Blood Cancer; or
(V) Lymphoma

Additional Caring Benefits
As recovery from cancer is a lengthy process, Cancer Guardian series adds to the peace of mind of you and your loved ones by meeting your need for special care in areas such as:

• Daily Hospital Cash Benefit for Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
• Daily Hospital Cash Benefit for Long-term Hospitalisation
• Subsidise the fee of travelling for treatment5
• Consultation with a registered Chinese medicine practitioner and the cost of Chinese medicine
• Consultation with a registered physiotherapist
• Consultation with a registered dietician
• Psychological counselling services for you and your immediate family members
• Home nursing
• Purchase of related medical appliances

Compassionate Death Benefit6
In the unfortunate event of death while covered by this plan, we will provide your nominated Beneficiary with a Compassionate Death Benefit, regardless of the cause of death.

Rider version is available to suit your needs
Not only can Cancer Guardian series be taken up as a standalone insurance policy, it can also be taken up as a rider of specified basic plans making your arrangements flexible.

1 This cover may be renewed annually during the lifetime of the Insured provided this plan continues to be available. The renewal premium will be based on the attained age of the Insured and the applicable premium table upon renewal. Such premium table is not guaranteed and is subject to change. The Company reserves the right to revise it from time to time. The Company also reserves the right to revise the benefit structure and / or any other product features as determined by us, on any Policy Anniversary Date or renewal by giving a 30-day prior written notice. We reserve the right to determine the terms and conditions for renewal.

2 The benefits payable for Confinement is based on the charge level of Semi-Private Room. If the Insured is confined in a room of a class higher than Semi-Private Room, the benefits payable will be reduced by multiplying an adjustment factor (“Adjustment Factor”). The Adjustment Factor is calculated by dividing the daily room charge of a Semi-Private Room in the Hospital admitted by the Insured by the daily actual room charge of each such days of Confinement. “Semi-Private Room” means a twin or double occupancy room in a Hospital with two (2) patient beds (not including companion bed) and one (1) adjoining bathroom.

3 For purposes of payment of the Target Protection Benefit, where a Covered Cancer listed in (I)-(V) above (“Subsequent Relevant Cancer”) is claimed following an Immediately Preceding Cancer suffered by the Insured, the Subsequent Relevant Cancer will be regarded as one and the same Covered Cancer as the Immediately Preceding Cancer unless Diagnosed after the Five-Year Cancer Waiting Period in respect of the Immediately Preceding Cancer.

4 The extra 50% Target Protection Benefit does not count towards the Lifetime Cancer Limit.

5 Applicable to Cancer Guardian Mega and Cancer Guardian Plus only.

6 If the Insured, whether sane or insane, commits suicide within one (1) year from the Issue Date or Commencement Date, whichever is later, our liability under the Policy will be limited to the refund of premiums paid (without interest) less any Policy Debt.