Universal life

The following table shows the historical crediting interest rates for each of the universal life insurance product series. The calculation includes new policies issued by the Company since 2010. The historical crediting interest rates are based on weighted average crediting interest rate of these policies in each calendar year.

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  1. The crediting interest rates shown are calculated before applying any relevant policy charges (e.g. cost of insurance, administration charge etc.).
  2. They are only historical crediting interest rates and may not be predictive indicators of future crediting interest rates.
  3. The future crediting interest rates may be less or more favorable than the historical crediting interest rates, depending on numerous factors such as investment returns and surrenders.
  4. Historical Crediting Interest Rates would not be applicable (i.e. shown as “N/A”) for some calendar years when the product have not yet been launched.
  5. Please note that the prevailing crediting interest rate is subject to change from time to time.
  6. For the crediting interest rates applicable to your policy, please refer to your quarterly policy statements or contact your representative.
  7. For AIA Premier Life Plan and AIA Interest Safeguard Annuity Account, the crediting interest rate includes New Money and Portfolio Interest Rate.