Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy

  • Are you confident about your investment knowledge and strategies?
  • Have you checked the status of your MPF investments in the past year?
  • When you make investment decisions, would you trust your own judgement over professional opinion?
  • Have you been brushing up on your investment know-how?
If you answered "no" to two or more of the questions above, the "Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy" may be a suitable investment option for you.

Invest dynamically, all round approach

This fund type differs from the majority of MPF funds on the market in that it invests in a mix of bonds and stocks instead of one or the other. The investment manager will flexibly rebalance the proportion of bonds and stocks according to market conditions, going aggressive in a bull market and defensive in a bear market. Just like in doubles teamplay, each taking care of the other teammate.
For certain funds, the asset mix can be adjusted anywhere between 10% and 90%, saving you the trouble of keeping an eye on the market – your investment manager will do it for you.