Seven easy steps to make contribution online

  1. Log into your Employer Account via My AIA

  2. Choose "Online Contribution", Read the "Declaration" and click "I Accept"

  3. Enter the contribution data of your existing members, new enrolled members and other members by clicking "Submit" on the corresponding row:
    • For new enrolled members, fill in their "Relevant Income", "Employer's Voluntary Contributions" and "Employee's Voluntary Contributions"
    • For existing members, update the contribution details if necessary. If the members no longer work in the company, fill in the "Last Date of Employment" and "Termination Reason"
    • For other members:
      • Fill in the payroll frequency and click "Next" to continue
      • Fill in the payroll period start date and click "Next" to continue
      • Fill in the following information for each member:
        • "Name of Employee", "HKID Card/Passport No.", "Date of Employment", "Relevant Contribution Period", "Relevant Income", "Employer's/Employee's Voluntary Contributions" (if any)
4. Click "Calculate" to continue
5. Confirm the contribution data and calculation
6. Select payment method:
  • For contribution payment m ade by cheque, enter the cheque number(s)
  • For contribution payment made by PPS, input the payment amount. Follow the inst ructions to complete the payment steps 
7. Upon successful submission, a "Reference No." will be generated.
To learn more about the procedure of online contribution, click "Submission Procedure" at the top navigation bar after logging into My AIA.