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Adopting healthy daily habits is essential to good health. AIA helps you closely monitor your health conditions and stay healthy by predicting and preventing diseases early.

  1. The applicants for AIA Vitality must be 18 years old or above and must be the insured of the in-force policy of an AIA Vitality selected insurance product. AIA Vitality is not an insurance product that falls under the jurisdiction of the insurance regulation. An annual membership fee will be charged for AIA Vitality. AIA Vitality membership will be renewed upon being the insured of the in-force policy of an AIA Vitality selected insurance product and settlement of the payment of annual membership fee. Premium discount is only applicable to the standard premiums of selected AIA Vitality insurance products (including basic and add-on plans) and shall not apply to any extra premiums due to loading. Extra cover means AIA Vitality Power Up Coverage, which is a percentage of Initial Sum Assured added for the sole purpose of computing the death benefit or the major illness benefit for once when it becomes payable. In all circumstances, the premium discount and extra cover percentage will be calculated in accordance with the insured’s AIA Vitality Status achieved on each policy anniversary. The policy anniversary of AIA Vitality selected insurance products and AIA Vitality membership anniversary may not be the same. For details, offers, terms and conditions of AIA Vitality, please visit
  2. Members will enjoy a 15% premium discount or 15% extra cover in the subsequent year of policy renewal if they currently enjoy a 10% premium discount or 10% extra cover and maintain the Platinum Status for 5 consecutive year.
Remark: The services above (excluding Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park) are applicable to specified protection plans only. Please contact your financial planners for details.

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