Cashier offices

You can pay in person at any one of our cashier offices:
Hong Kong
(Applicable to insurance policy issued in Hong Kong)
  • 12/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong

    Service hours:
    Mon-Fri 9am - 6:00pm (Open through lunch)
    Sat, Sun & Public Holidays Closed
The annual cash limit* of each policyowner (include all policies of AIA International Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) and AIA Everest Life Company Limited owned) will be USD60,000 or HKD equivalent. For each cash payment USD30,000 or above or its HKD equivalent per policy made at Cashier offices, customer has to sign "Cash Payment Declaration Form".
Cash payment is only accepted for premium payment and levy, but not for loan repayment, premium prepayment fund or deposit to Future Premium Deposit Account.
* Cash payments made include all payment channels
For payment in bank draft, customers are recommended to provide a valid bank receipt with name of the purchaser.
  • For bank draft payment (paid via any payment channels) accumulated more than USD 50,000 or HKD equivalent ("the threshold") for each policy for the last 365 days, valid bank receipt must be provided.
  • For a bank draft payment with more than USD 50,000 or HKD equivalent ("the threshold"), valid bank receipt must be provided.
Important information
  • Payment made through intermediary by cash, direct or indirect deposit or any other credit payment method will not be accepted.
  • Click here to view a sample of the cashier receipt, photocopy is invalid.

Foreign currencies exchange rates

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