AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge Takers Circled the Earth 340 Times in 12 Weeks

5 December 2016

New Lucky Draw for Fabulous Prizes

to Encourage the Continuous Pursuit of Healthy Living

AIA Hong Kong launched the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge in early August, giving away 850,000 Starbucks drinks to celebrate AIA's 85th anniversary in Hong Kong. The 12-week event ended on 30 October, but to sustain the positive momentum, AIA Hong Kong & Macau is now kicking off a new round of activity with the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge Lucky Draw. Over an 11-week period, the Company will be giving away fabulous prizes to further motivate and incentivise customers to continue their journey to good health. In the first week's lucky draw, two winners have already each taken home a latest model of smartphone.
AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge's participants circled Earth 340 times, and perseverance is vital to the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle

Summarising the results of phase one of AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge:

  • During the 12-week period, participants walked more than 17 billion steps*, equivalent to walking around our planet 340 times.
  • Nearly 90,000 people* participated in the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge
  • Of these, only 3,000 participants* earned 12 Starbucks drinks, and about half* of the participants are not qualified to redeem any Starbucks drinks at all. 
  • Two-thirds* of those who participated in the challenge were between the ages of 25 and 44. 
  • More than 60%* of the participants were female. 

* According to internal statistics of AIA.
Mr Jacky Chan, CEO of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, said, “To celebrate the 85th anniversary of AIA Hong Kong, we laid down the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge, one of Hong Kong's largest-ever wellness incentive programmes in terms of dollars. The campaign proved to be effective in motivating some members to start their journey to a healthier life. This demonstrates that sharing the positive spirit of our AIA Vitality wellness programme – living healthier and enjoying the rewards – is an effective way of inspiring people to be more active. However, many participants were unable to sustain their efforts. It is more of a challenge to be consistent with healthy lifestyle habits. We are adding fresh impetus to our efforts to promote healthy living by rolling out a new round of the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge with a lucky draw. With this, we hope to inspire people to be more determined and then take them as far as possible on their healthy journey. By helping people live healthier, better and happier lives, we are fulfilling our brand promise as The Real Life Company.”
New round of lucky draw to give away fabulous prizes within 11 weeks

AIA Hong Kong & Macau is initiating a new round of activity with the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge Lucky Draw, encouraging customers to continue the challenge and lead healthy lifestyles. During the 11-week period 14 November 2016 – 29 January 2017, the Company will give away a myriad of lifestyle rewards including smartphones, smartwatches, memberships to fitness clubs and cash vouchers.
AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge mobile app users need only sustain an active lifestyle as in phase one. By walking 7,500 steps on each of any five days in a week, they will earn 250 points and automatically enter the lucky draw for that week. They will then have the chance to win fabulous prizes without the inconvenience of having to reapply.
New participants will also gain free entry into the lucky draw, with no strings attached. There is no need for them to purchase any additional insurance. All they need to do is download the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge mobile app, sign up for an account and enter the promotion code# to log in. They can then link their fitness device or mobile app to the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge mobile app to earn points towards their rewards. When they achieve the weekly activity target, participants will earn 250 points for automatic entry in the lucky draw for that week, for a chance to win fabulous prizes.
For more details on the lucky draw, please visit

# AIA customer please enter: AIA; non customer please enter: 8888

Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 48003-13
Ms Bonnie Tse, General Manager, Business Strategy and Marketing of AIA Hong Kong & Macau (right) presents
the latest smartphones to the two winners of the first week's AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge Lucky Draw.
About AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality is a game changing wellness programme which redefines the traditional concept of insurance, aims to reward customers to live a healthy lifestyle. Purchase any AIA Vitality selected insurance product1 and receive an instant 10% premium discount2 and an array of rewards and discounts offered by our partners. Simply being active in daily life and having a healthy diet, customers can earn points and upgrade their status for more discounts and rewards.

  1. AIA Vitality selected insurance products include Super Good Health Medical Plan 2, CEO Essence Medical Plan 2, Cancer Guardian Series and Superior Critical Illness Plan Pro. 
  2. Members can enjoy an instant 10% off the premium for the first policy year and earn “AIA Vitality” Points to increase the premium discount to up to 15%.The premium discount is only applicable to AIA Vitality selected insurance products. Please visit AIA Hong Kong's website “AIA Vitality”.
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* As of July 2016
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