AlA Alta Wealth Management Centre

Hong Kong Insurance Industry-first1 One-stop Shop
for HNW Customers2 Seeking Professional Wealth Management Services

AIA Alta Wealth Management Centre's
one-stop professional services

AIA Hong Kong financial planners join hands with an onsite wealth management and legacy planning team to provide customers with convenient expert advice. The Centre also partners with multiple international organisations to provide customers with advisory services through referrals on trust, legacy, tax, legal and premium financing. It is the first of its kind in the insurance industry, offering one-stop professional services across various disciplines including:
  • Trust advisory and setup services
  • Wealth management and legacy planning
  • Tax and legal advisory services
  • Premium financing advisory and case management services
  • Family office advisory and setup services
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  1. As at 1 March 2023, compared with similar services offered by major Hong Kong insurance companies.
  2. AIA Alta Wealth Management Centre is only available for AIA Hong Kong financial planners and eligible clients.