Our Service Pledge

We understand what our customers need at different moments. We pledge to process services that matter to customers according to these standards:


Service   Service Pledge
Underwriting Provide preliminary underwriting decision for new policies submitted via e-Application 2 working days
Policy Service Complete processing of online self-requests submitted via AIA Connect or Customer Corner (fund switching, policy loan, policy value withdrawal, e-Advice registration, e-BankIn registration, change of contact information) Processed within same day
Claims Provide preliminary claim decision for group medical claims submitted via AIA Connect or Employee Care Application 3 working days
Provide response to booking request for panel doctor received via AIA Connect and hotline 4 working hours
Provide response to Medical Expense Pre-approval for outpatient and inpatient services 2 working days
Remark : Each service has its own set of service terms, please read it through before submitting the request. Time of payment/deposit is subject to the clearing process of individual financial institutions.