Online Payment

Key reminders:

Key reminders:
  1. Customer Corner Online payment service has been suspended. You may visit AIA Connect to see your account details and use Online Payment service to pay your renewal premium and levy. Please click here to view user guide.
  2. You may pay cash at our Customer Service Center, Hong Kong Post offices, 7-Eleven, all Hong Kong branches of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited or Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. Cash payment made at our Customer Service Center is only accepted for premium payment, levy and AIA Vitality membership fee. Cash payment for loan repayment or deposit to Future Premium Deposit Account is not accepted.
  3. You can pay your premium and levy (if applicable) together in one single transaction by any one of the payment options below. If premium is paid and you would like to pay levy (if applicable) only, please click here for available options. For further information regarding levy collected by Insurance Authority, please click here.
  4. All cheques should be made payable to 'AIA International Limited'.
  5. All payments should be made by policyowner / insured.
  6. For bank draft with premium payment above USD30,000 (or HKD equivalent) per policy, one should sign a "Payment Declaration Form – Bank draft" or provide valid bank receipt to prove that the bank draft is purchased by the policyowner/ insured; for premium payment above USD150,000 (applicable for new policy) or above USD300,000 (applicable for renewal policy) or HKD equivalent, a valid bank receipt must be provided.
  7. For Investment-Linked policies, we only accept HK dollar cheques, local US dollar cheques and US dollar bank drafts. Change of investment allocation / Top-Up Premium / FlexiMoney / Repayment for Premium Holiday should be submitted with "Request for Investment-Linked / Universal Life Plan Services Form" or "Premium Repayment for Premium Holiday Form".
  8. You can use China Construction Bank (Asia) credit cards for payment except for Single Premium / Investment-Linked Assurance Scheme Policies / Loan Repayment / Future Premium Deposit Fund / Top-Up Premium / FlexiMoney. Credit cards of other banks can only be used for monthly autopay.
  9. We will issue an official receipt to policyowner if premium is paid at our Customer Service Center in Hong Kong or Macau.
  10. Premiums should be paid before the due date or during the 31 days Grace Period. The Policy will remain in force during the Grace Period. If any premium is unpaid at the end of the Grace Period, the Policy will lapse and have no further value, except for the benefits provided under the policy's non-forfeiture provisions or Premium Holiday provisions (if applicable).
  11. If your payment is made by a credit / debit card, and there is subsequently a refund, AIA reserves the right to arrange refund directly to credit card account of the credit cardholder / bank account of the debit cardholder (as the case may be); for refund involving currency conversion, the bank or other third parties (such as the banks of merchants) will convert the transactions not denominated in Hong Kong Dollars into Hong Kong Dollars (or vice versa, depending on the currency denomination of the credit card/bank account) at the rate selected by it or the relevant card association (e.g. VISA, MasterCard, etc), or (where converted by other third parties) at the other third party's applicable exchange rate on the conversion date, plus any additional foreign exchange rate adjustment set by the bank (or the credit card issuer, as the case may be) together with any fees charged by the relevant card association, if applicable. Such exchange rate adjustment and charges shall be borne by the payor.
  12. Apart from the exchange rate risk mentioned in the key product risks section of the product brochure, if the policy currency chosen by the customer is different from the premium payment currency, we will convert the premium paid by the customer to the policy currency of his/her choice according to the prevailing market-based currency exchange rate (determined by us at our discretion). Customer should consider the exchange rate risks and decide whether to take such risks.
  13. Conversion of premium payment is applicable to HKD/USD/ MOP(for Macau policy only) payment. Besides, we also accept RMB / CAD / AUD / GBP payment when the premium payment currency matches the policy currency. Different payment method(s) is/are available for different policy currencies. Please ask your Financial Planner/ financial advisors and brokers for details.
  14. Customers should imprint on credit card authorisation form or provide credit card image with cardholder name and card number for payments over US$60,000 (or a lower amount under certain situations).