28 March 2018
The first urban exploration race in the world, District Race is making its second stop right here in Hong Kong.
Presented by AIA Vitality, the District Race which will be happening on 13 May 2018 at Central Harbourfront Event Space, promises a brand-new experience that gets participants exploring Hong Kong in a two-hour immersive urban exploration race.
Powered by cutting-edge augmented reality and location-based technologies, District Race presented by AIA Vitality brings cities to life through the District Race mobile app. More than 80 virtual checkpoints and challenges are spread across the city creating a race course known as The Grid.
In this first-of-its-kind concept, there is no set route nor set distance, letting participants strategise and devise their own routes, and choose how they want to explore their city.
Peter Crewe, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau said: "We are thrilled to be the presenting sponsor of the District Race, the world's first urban exploration race, in the name of AIA Vitality in Hong Kong. Taking place for the first-time ever in the city, this unique and creative event will inspire participants to discover the iconic cityscape of Hong Kong in a fun way through the application of cutting-edge augmented reality technology. By encouraging participants to make full use of their fitness potential and sharpen their planning and navigation skills when exploring the city, this event closely aligns with our commitment to inspire the continuous pursuit of healthy living. With this sponsorship initiative, we hope to create a unique and exciting experience for Hong Kong people on their health journey to help people live healthier, longer, better lives."
1. City. 80+ Checkpoints & Challenges. 2 Hours.
With the District Race app in hand, participants have two hours to navigate their way through the city, collecting as many points as possible by clearing virtual checkpoints and challenges spread across eight districts - from Sai Wan to Wan Chai, set right in the heart of Hong Kong.

Each District offers a unique race experience, themed to that area. Start and finish points are located at Central Harbourfront Event Space.

With no set route and no set distance, participants can strategise and plan their own routes, choosing which checkpoints and challenges to clear that will maximise their point score.

There are three different types of challenges, namely Quiz, Time Trial, and Scan Challenge. Each challenge requires different skills to tackle it – speed, city knowledge, dexterity and problem-solving skills, and participants can choose which challenges to take on that play to their strengths.

Making the race more exciting is a live leaderboard built within the District Race app that tracks participants with the highest points in real time.
What to look forward to at the District Race Hong Kong
District Race Hong Kong is presented by AIA Vitality and supported by Pure Fitness.

The District Base where all participants will start and finish is at Central Harbourfront Event Space. District racers can experience awesome tech-focused activities, augmented reality and virtual reality games, great food, drinks and pumping music before and after the race. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets are available on the District Race website at HKD450 each (until 14 April 2018. From 15 April to 6 May 2018, tickets will be available at HKD500 each).

Fees include a District Race Kit. All District Race Kits include a District Race Tee, We Are All Explorers Iron-on Patch and an AR-Enabled Race Info Canister. All finishers will receive an AR-Enabled Finisher Medal.
The World's greatest urban exploration race
District Race is created by District Technologies, a joint venture between Singapore-based Exceed Sports and Entertainment, an industry leader in innovative sports, lifestyle and technology events, and Lightweave, an Australian-based experiential technology agency leading the way in virtual reality, augmented reality and new technology.

“We believe that exploration is an innate human desire that crosses all boundaries. At the same time, people are looking for new ways to keep fit and technology is now a key enabler in this space. We've created District as a technology platform to deliver amazing urban exploration experiences to as many people as possible globally. Cities are amazing living places and we want to encourage urban dwellers to get outside, get active and explore more.” said Ben Pember, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of District Technologies.

District Race will be launching in the USA, Australia and Europe later in 2018.

“District Race has completely revolutionised the way participants can explore their city and open up an experience like they have never seen before. The District platform pushes the boundaries and mixes augmented reality and location-based technology to move users through locations and bring environments to life.” said Sam Hussey, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of District Technologies.
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About District:
District Technologies is the creator and owner of District Race. District Technologies is a joint venture between Singapore-based Exceed Sports and Entertainment, an industry leading sports, lifestyle and technology agency, and Lightweave, an Australian-based experiential technology agency leading the way in virtual reality, augmented reality and new technology.
District Race aims to be the world's greatest urban exploration race. Built around the District app, District Race is powered by a collection of cutting edge technologies including location tracking and augmented reality. By providing engaging and rewarding gamified urban exploration experiences, District exists to create happier, healthier cities and encourage new and innovative ways to be active.
District Race by AIA Vitality will launch in Hong Kong on 13 May 2018 with subsequent launches in Australia, USA and Western Europe.
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