27 November 2018
AIA Hong Kong announces today the latest accomplishments of its game-changing AIA Vitality wellness programme. Powerful evidence of Hong Kong people embracing healthy living, the statistics reveal health improvements among AIA Vitality members. In addition, increased participation in the programme shows that it resonates with customers and underscores the vital role AIA Vitality plays in encouraging health and wellness.
  • Body Mass Index Range: Over 20%1 of AIA Vitality members have moved from an unhealthy to a healthy body mass index range over their membership with the programme.
  • Cholesterol Level: In terms of cholesterol, close to 40%1 of AIA Vitality members have moved from unhealthy to healthy cholesterol levels after their first check-up.
  • Vitality Age: For AIA Vitality members who have assessed their Vitality Age – a reflection of the member's overall health based on their health, lifestyle, behaviours and clinical measures such as height, weight, blood glucose (sugar) and blood pressure – the age improved on average by 0.31 years2.
  • Health Assessments: AIA Vitality members completed close to 150,000 individual health assessments (including online health assessments, glucose/cholesterol/blood pressure/BMI measures), reflecting an over 50% year-on-year increase3.
  • Movie Ticket Redemption: Members can also receive free movie tickets by simply walking or exercising. Over AIA Vitality members visited UA cinemas^ in Hong Kong on a daily basis in the past year3; this represents a 6-fold increase as compared with 20163. The growing engagement is an indication that more members are being proactive about their health and well-being; they are active in exercising and are enjoying their lifestyle rewards.
Ms. Bonnie Tse, General Manager, Corporate, Strategy and Wealth Management of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, said, “AIA Vitality is a comprehensive wellness programme that has proven itself a leader through its core concept of rewarding customers for living healthy. I am pleased to share that this unique vision has led to measurable improvements in the health of AIA Vitality members. This achievement underscores our steadfast efforts in demonstrating to Hong Kong people that there are many ways for them to be healthy in everyday life, while being rewarded with a diverse range of lifestyle incentives.”
To further expand the positive impact of AIA Vitality and help AIA Vitality's health message take root in more hearts and minds, AIA Hong Kong is launching a brand-new integrated advertising campaign starring award-winning actor Aaron Kwok to further advocate healthy living. Comprised of a very strong digital element, including a range of online videos and Facebook live broadcast of the media launch event, the campaign also seamlessly integrated AIA Hong Kong's sponsorship of The Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park, which has transformed the Central Harbourfront into a vibrant place for health, wellness and entertainment. It is geared to deliver maximum synergy, noise and impact together with TV and outdoor creative promotions.
“As we continue to inspire the society to take a further leap forward in their health journey, I am delighted that Aaron Kwok plays a part in leading and advocating Hong Kong people to embrace health and wellness, and reinforces AIA Vitality's leadership. His healthy image, charisma and ability to instantly connect and engage with audiences will effectively encourage everyone to make a positive change to their lifestyle, and have a long lasting impact on the overall well-being of the society, thus delivering on our brand promise to help people live healthier, longer, better lives,” Ms. Tse added. 
Playing the tailor-made role of “AIA Vitality Commissioner of Health”, Aaron brings to life AIA Vitality's core concept of "Earn rewards for your healthy lifestyle" in a cool yet humourous way, and his healthy image instantly positions healthy living as always in style and something to aspire to. The new commercial utilises the power of storytelling to frame the message of health in a new light, so that it resonates with audiences and delivers the importance of living healthy in a fun, meaningful and memorable way. In addition to terrestrial television, viewers can catch the commercial on AIA Hong Kong Facebook from 27 November onwards. Four additional online short videos will also be rolled out subsequently on AIA Hong Kong Facebook, so stay tuned!
1 Data recorded as of October 2018
2 Data from 1 December 2016 to 30 November 2017
3 From November 2017 to October 2018; data recorded as of October 2018
^ Applicable to Hong Kong members only, they can receive up to two movie credits each month at UA Cinemas by earning at least 1,500 AIA Vitality Points from exercising (750 fitness-related points = 1 movie credit). For more information on AIA Vitality, please visit
About AIA Vitality
AIA Vitality is a game changing wellness programme which redefines the traditional concept of insurance, it aims to reward customers to live a healthy lifestyle. Purchase any “AIA Vitality” selected insurance product and receive an instant 10% premium discount* or 10% extra cover^ and an array of rewards and discounts offered by our partners. Simply being active in daily life and having a healthy diet, customers can earn points and upgrade their status for more discounts and rewards.

* The premium discount is only applicable to AIA Vitality selected insurance products. Please visit AIA Hong Kong's website - ‘AIA Vitality'.
^ Extra cover means AIA Vitality Power Up Coverage, which is a percentage of initial Sum Assured added for the sole purpose of computing the death benefit or the major illness benefit for once when it becomes payable.
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1 as at 30 June 2018
2 as at 31 March 2018
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