13 February 2019
AIA Hong Kong announces the launch of AIA “Protect Elite Ultra 2” Series, which enhances customer's critical illness protection by providing up to five claims for cancer, heart attack and stroke with maximum benefit amount payable up to 420% of the Initial Sum Assured. Furthermore, its market-first Cancer Treatment Flexi Option gives customers the choice of reducing the normal three-year cancer waiting period to just one year, the shortest period in the market, providing customers timely financial support by advancing the next cancer claim to meet urgent treatment needs. Customers can also purchase “Protect Elite Ultra 2 – First Gift” for their soon-to-be-born baby during the pregnancy stage, giving their child lifelong protection for up to 115 critical illnesses from the day of birth1. The plan will give customers peace of mind that their child is covered against congenital conditions and will receive lifelong protection throughout every life stage.
Ms. Bonnie Tse, General Manager, Corporate, Strategy and Wealth Management of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, said, “AIA Hong Kong recognises the ever-evolving critical illness protection needs of customers. In particular, cancer is the leading cause of death among critical illnesses in Hong Kong2, and its continuous treatment imposes a financial burden on the family. In view of this, AIA Hong Kong leads the market with the launch of AIA “Protect Elite Ultra 2” Series, which introduces a number of innovative features to provide customers with timely financial support. We also take a bold step forward by offering seamless lifelong protection for our customers' soon-to-be born babies to address customer's real critical illness protection needs nowadays. We stand by our customers through their health journeys, providing the greatest support to help them live healthier, longer, better lives.”
AIA “Protect Elite Ultra 2” Series provides life insurance, critical illness protection and the opportunity to accumulate wealth. Key features include:
  • Market-first feature of shortening the waiting period for subsequent cancer claims to just one year, the shortest period in the market: Cancer Treatment Flexi Option shortens the waiting period of the Selected Critical Illness Shield Benefit from the customary three years to just one year. Customers can opt to claim in advance 40% of the Initial Sum Assured3, easing their financial burden when urgent treatment needs arise.
  • Up to five claims for cancer, heart attack and stroke: Pays up to five claims for the continuation, metastasis or recurrence of a previous covered cancer or a new covered cancer, and heart attack or stroke. Once 100% of the Initial Sum Assured for any covered illnesses is claimed, no further premium will be required. 80% of the Initial Sum Assured4 will be paid for each subsequent claim under the Selected Critical Illness Shield Benefit for cancer, heart attack and stroke after the first claim, and the maximum benefit amount payable may be up to 420% of the Initial Sum Assured. This long-term financial support is specially designed to alleviate customers' financial burden by supporting them as they face the adversity of a persisting cancer. Apart from the first claim, the four claims made by the insured are subject to a one-year waiting period, except where the previous and subsequent diagnoses are both for cancer, in which case the waiting period will be three years.
  • Key features of market-first “Protect Elite Ultra 2 – First Gift” include:
    • Customers can purchase “Protect Elite Ultra 2 – First Gift” during pregnancy, giving their soon-to-be-born baby seamless critical illness protection and savings from birth. Children will immediately have lifelong protection for up to 115 critical illnesses from the day of birth1. Even if a congenital condition is discovered, the children will still be covered. Savings under the plan will also begin accumulating from the time they are in the womb – and continue growing with the children to provide support in adulthood5.
    • Mothers will receive 105% of the total premiums paid in the unfortunate event of a miscarriage, stillbirth, the passing of both the mother and baby, or a pregnancy termination that is recommended by a registered specialist doctor and the policy will terminate.
It is better to prevent an illness from developing than having to treat one, therefore AIA Hong Kong encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce the chance of contracting an illness as well as receiving additional protection. Therefore, the Company especially includes AIA “Protect Elite Ultra 2” in the portfolio of AIA Vitality selected insurance products. Customers who successfully apply for AIA “Protect Elite Ultra 2” and also become “AIA Vitality” members can instantly get 10% extra cover for life protection or major illness benefit immediately in the first year of their policies. Customers who are persistent in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle can earn up to 15% extra cover. Simply by being active in daily life and maintaining a healthy diet, customers can earn AIA Vitality Points to enjoy exciting discounts and rewards6 offered by programme partners.
The above information is for reference only and is not intended as financial advice. For the details on the product features, content and conditions, please refer to the product brochure and the terms and conditions of the policy contract.
1The benefit amount for covered illnesses is 20% of the sum assured, with full cover commencing 90 days after the date of baby's birth. If the insured child dies within 180 days after birth, the policyholder will be paid 20% of the death benefit; or 100% of the death benefit after 180 days after birth.
2Leading Cause of all Deaths, HealthyHK – Public Health Information and Statistics of Hong Kong ( information is extracted from AIA's Research of Critical Illness Trends and Medical Expenses by GfK Hong Kong, an independent market research company (data collected in October 2018).
3Each policy may only exercise this option once whilst the policy is in force. Hence there will only be up to 3 pay-outs under Selected Critical Illness Shield Benefit. A customer's next claim under the Selected Critical Illness Shield Benefit (if any) will be available after three years for a cancer claim or one year for a heart attack or stroke claim, counting from the date the Company receives the customer's claim notice under the Cancer Treatment Flexi Option. All claims by the insured are subject to a survival period of 15 days.
4All claims by the insured are subject to a survival period of 15 days from the date of diagnosis, as well as a one-year waiting period. The cover period is up until age 85 of the insured. Where the previous and subsequent diagnoses are both for cancer, the waiting period will be three years. Each subsequent heart attack or stroke must be newly diagnosed. If the last claim was made for an early stage critical illness, severe child disease or minor illness, no waiting period will be applicable.
5Customers must submit the baby's birth certificate by 14 days before the first policy anniversary. Otherwise, the policy will terminate on the first policy anniversary.
6The applicants for AIA Vitality must be 18 years old or above and must be the insured of the in-force AIA Vitality Series insurance policy. AIA Vitality Power Up Coverage is a percentage of Initial Sum Assured added for the sole purpose of computing the death benefit or the major illness benefit for all when it becomes payable*. (* not applicable to “Protect Elite Ultra 2 – First Gift”) AIA Vitality Power Up Coverage percentage is in the range of 0% - 15%. After the 20th policy anniversary, the extra coverage percentage the insured could get is taken from the snapshot of the AIA Vitality Power Up Coverage percentage (if any) as at the 20th policy anniversary. It would not be available if the AIA Vitality membership is terminated for any reason or the designated policy is converted to Reduced Paid-Up Insurance or Extended Term Insurance. The annual membership fee for AIA Vitality is HK$/MOP300. It is not an insurance product that falls under the jurisdiction of the insurance regulation. The annual membership fee of AIA Vitality may change at any time without prior notice. Please visit AIA Hong Kong's website: “AIA Vitality” for more information.
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1 as at 30 June 2018
2 as at 31 March 2018
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