AIA Hong Kong Helps Customers Seize “Today • Plan for Your Future” Comprehensive Protection for a Monthly Premium of Less Than HK$500 Get Insured Now and Enjoy as High as 5.5 Months' Premium Refund Award-Winning Actor Nick Cheung Makes Mini-Film Debut and Brings “Well Plan Man” to Life with a Humorous Touch

8 January 2021
As customers ring in the New Year, AIA Hong Kong launches “Today Plan for Your Future" promotion campaign – covering 19 protection plans spanning accident, medical, life and critical illness protection, as well as savings insurance products. Encompassing health protection, wealth management and tax-deductible solutions, the promotion encourages customers to start health and wealth planning early at the start of the New Year. For a monthly premium of less than HK$5001, customers can receive a complete solution covering medical, critical illness, accident and life protection plans, and enjoy as high as 5.5 months' premium refund2.

Taking an example of a 22-year-old non-smoking male, for a monthly premium of less than HK$5003 with premium payable on an annual basis that includes AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Flexi Scheme, Simple Care Essence, Xtra Protect, and Wisdom Term Life Plan, he is able to receive comprehensive protection for 115 diseases under critical illnesses, accident and life cover of up to HK$500,000 and HK$1.12 million, respectively, as well as enjoy tax deduction for the voluntary health insurance scheme.

Ms. Bonnie Tse, General Manager, Strategy and Wealth Management of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, said, “The start of a new year marks an opportune time to plan for an amazing future – for yourselves and your families. To encourage customers to act now while also address their different needs, AIA Hong Kong launches this promotion – presenting 19 different products and attractive offers – along with a real-life example that illustrates how one can enjoy comprehensive protection with an affordable premium. We also offer a convenient digital platform, where under the new normal, customers can purchase protection plans in the comfort of their homes with no boundary. Don't hesitate and act now, start with ‘Today Plan for Your Future' to chart your health and wealth blueprints in the new year and live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.”

To further encourage people to make their life plans to start a new chapter in 2021, AIA Hong Kong is releasing a new mini-film “Today Plan for Your Future - A Man and A Plan" starring award-winning actor Mr. Nick Cheung.

Ms. Tse added, “A renowned actor with top-notch acting skills, Mr. Cheung brings his dual characters to life: the ‘Well Plan Man' with a humorous touch and the poised Financial Planner with a mature flair. The character switch brings out the positive message of the importance of health and wealth planning. He is perfect for the roles, reminding people to plan today for the future.”

In the five-minute mini-film, Nick Cheung first appeared as “No Plan Man”, who lacked goals and did not know how to make plans for his life. After a chance encounter with a former primary school classmate and getting inspired by a Financial Planner, he came to understand the importance of life planning, and was determined to become “Well Plan Man”. With sound health and wealth planning, he is able to live a Healthier, Longer, Better Life.

Nick Cheung's first AIA mini-film “Today Plan for Your Future - A Man and A Plan” will be officially released on AIA and other major social media platforms on 9 January at 6pm. In addition, Nick Cheung also stars in several amusing short AIA films, which will be rolled out later on AIA social media, digital media and TV platforms respectively. Stay tuned!
“Today • Plan for Your Future” Promotion Campaign – Protection Plans


Specified Protection Plan4
1. Severity-based Health Protection AIA One Absolute – Cancer & Serious Infectious Disease Protection
2. Accident Protection
Xtra Protect
3. PAC Select 2
4. Medical Protection
CEO Essence Medical Plan 2
5. Super Good Health Medical Plan 2
6 Severe Illness Medical Protection Rider
7. AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Standard Scheme5
8. AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Flexi Scheme5
9. AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Prime Scheme5
10. Cancer Guardian 2
11. Life Protection
Wisdom Term Life Plan
12. Expert Term Life Plan
13. Critical Illness Protection
Simple Care Essence
14. Level-Up Protect Cancer Plan
Selected Plan
15. Savings Insurance
Bonus Power Vantage
16. Simply Love Encore 3 (US$ policy only)
17. Fortune Promise
18. AIA Deferred Annuity Plan5
19. Critical Illness Protection
Protect Elite Ultra 3 Series
All information above is for reference only. The product information in this material does not contain the full terms of the product, for the details of the product features, terms and conditions, exclusions and key product risks, you may refer to the product brochure and policy contract of relevant products or click here to visit the website. Please refer to the campaign leaflet for more information on the promotion and offer.


  1. Taking an example of a 22-year-old non-smoking male insured with premium payable on an annual basis with AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Flexi Scheme, Simple Care Essence, Xtra Protect, and Wisdom Term Life Plan. The premium will be adjusted upon renewal. Subject to underwriting requirement. Terms and conditions apply.
  2. Premium refund will be applied to each eligible policy of Specified Protection Plan and not applicable to Selected Plan. The promotional period is from now until 31 March 2021, terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the campaign leaflet for more information.
  3. The premium will be adjusted upon renewal. Subject to underwriting requirement. Terms and conditions apply.
  4. Specified Protection Plan including AIA Vitality Series and Pearl Series of basic plans and supplementary contracts where applicable.
  5. Applicable to Hong Kong only.
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