AIA Hong Kong Launches Cross-Industry Collaboration with OpenRice

21 November 2022

AIA Hong Kong Deepens Digital Platform Partnership Development to Launch Cross-Industry Collaboration with OpenRice
Earn "AIA Point" through OpenRice and enter "AIA Eat-to-Win Lucky Draw" to Win Amazing Prizes
Coming Up Next – Innovative Protection for Dining Experiences from AIA Hong Kong

AIA Hong Kong once again defies the traditional norm of insurance and deepens its partnerships with digital platforms to launch cross-industry collaboration with Hong Kong's largest food and beverage platform, OpenRice – bringing multiple offers to AIA Connect and OpenRice users. From now till 20 February 2023, users who successfully connect AIA Connect and OpenRice accounts, make restaurant bookings or order takeaways through OpenRice in Hong Kong can earn "AIA Points" and enter "AIA Eat-to-Win Lucky Draw". Furthermore, to encourage users to live "Healthier, Longer, Better Lives", they can earn double "AIA Points" for choosing selected healthy restaurants. A concoction of prizes includes dining vouchers worth HK$20,000, staycation, Rice Dollars, and much more!
With its unwavering drive to innovation, AIA Hong Kong will soon launch a brand-new protection for Hong Kong users' dining experiences, bringing customers simple and fast insurance purchase and claims experience.
Mr. Alger Fung, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, said, "AIA Hong Kong is committed to embracing digitalisation beyond insurance and embedding protection into customers' daily lives to bring them innovative experiences. Underpinned by our 'customer-centric' philosophy, our cross-industry partnership with OpenRice combines digital technology and the public's shared passion for good food to bring customers multiple delights. We will continue to innovate with OpenRice to create delightful customer experience to help customers live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives."
Mr. Joe Yau, Chief Executive Officer and acting Chief Technology Officer of OpenRice Limited, said "OpenRice has been innovating online to offline solutions and providing high quality dining options for our users. This generates new business opportunities for restaurants in an ever-changing market environment. Our new Rewards Program 'Rewards Double-Up' enables members to earn Rice Dollars through Online Booking, Takeaway and OpenRice Pay. Rice Dollars can subsequently be spent at over 10,000 restaurants and offset bills. With growing awareness surrounding healthy eating, OpenRice has partnered with AIA Hong Kong to innovate on cross-industry digital journeys to upgrade diners' experiences. By encouraging healthy dining, users can enjoy the best in food while living heathier!"
"AIA Eat-to-Win Lucky Draw"
Please refer to the terms and conditions on Customers may download the mobile AIA Connect app on App Store or Google Play.
# Trade Promotion Competition Licence No. 56364-66, 56367-69
Mr. Alger Fung, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau (right) and Mr. Joe Yau, Chief Executive Officer and acting Chief Technology Officer of OpenRice Limited (left) announce cross-industry collaboration to launch "AIA Eat-to-Win Lucky Draw" to bring customers a brand-new dining experience.
How to Sign up for the "AIA Eat-to-Win Lucky Draw"
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Underpinned by its "customer-centric" philosophy, AIA Hong Kong is committed to offering superior customer service and experience through industry-leading digital solutions that leverage innovative technology and appropriate technology applications. "AIA Connect" mobile app is a key component of AIA Hong Kong's persistent and long-term commitment in digital innovation, which enables customers to manage their individual protection, wealth management, employee benefits and MPF plans, and AIA Vitality through a one-stop window anytime, anywhere, so they can easily experience the convenience brought about by technology, and enjoy instant, fast and convenient services.
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1 as at 30 June 2022
2 Including AIA Hong Kong and AIA Macau's individual life, group insurance and pension customers (as at 30 June 2022)
About OpenRice
Headquartered in Hong Kong, OpenRice is an all-encompassing O2O foodtech services platform, providing users with comprehensive and updated restaurant information, F&B content and dining services. OpenRice's comprehensive dining ecosystem includes services like OpenRice Pay, Table Booking, Vouchers, Takeaway, Restaurant Management System (RMS), Recruitment, POS, Remote Queuing, Scan to Order, Market Insights, and Membership. It has a regional presence across Asia, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.
About OpenRice "Rewards Double-Up"
"Rewards Double-Up" is a new rewards program by OpenRice, providing the best dining offers and rewards to the public. Members can earn Rice Dollars after completing online bookings, takeaway orders or dine-in payment through the OpenRice web or mobile app. Rice Dollars can subsequently be spent again on OpenRice vouchers, book-with-menu, takeaway, or dine-in payment with OpenRice Pay. Rice Dollars $1 is equivalent to HK$1. It can be used directly at checkout to offset payments without any usage limit. "Rewards Double-Up" is a disruptive technology that enables multiple discount types to be used concurrently, becoming the new norm of combined offers and rewards.
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