"Cre8 by AIA" Competition Offers A Total of HK$2.5 Million Kickstart Fund to Support Youth in Pursuit of Their Dreams

30 November 2022

AIA Hong Kong's Youth-inspired Co-Creation Programme "Cre8 by AIA" Competition Offers A Total of HK$2.5 Million Kickstart Fund to Support Youth in Pursuit of Their Dreams

Announces Five Winners of a Total of HK$1.5-million Kickstart Fund
And Tops up Additional HK$1 million for Runners-up for Their Passionate Pursuits

AIA Hong Kong's youth-inspired co-creation programme "Cre8 by AIA" competition announces its winners from five categories. Deeply impressed by the creativity, passion and perseverance of the youth, on top of the original HK$1.5-million Cre8 Kickstart Fund granted to the 5 winners, AIA Hong Kong is pleased to offer an additional fund of HK$1 million to the runners-up in pursuit of their dreams. In other words, winners and the runners-up will receive a total of HK$2.5 million Cre8 Kickstart Fund to develop their creative ideas to sustainable careers.
A few months ago, ten finalists were shortlisted from over a thousand participants to join Neo Yau, "Master of Cre8" to start their "Journey of Cre8". The finalists were given the opportunity to receive personal mentorship and experience sharing from Hins Cheung, multi-talented Singer-songwriter, and other Star Mentors to strategise their "Cre8tions". The Star Mentor of each category is also the judge who selects the winner of respective category; and each winner will receive HK$300,000 Cre8 Kickstart Fund for his/her career and venture. Meanwhile, with the additional fund offered by AIA Hong Kong, each runner-up will also receive HK$200,000 to pursue his/her dream.
The winners from the five categories in "Cre8 by AIA", each will receive HK$300,000 Cre8 Kickstart Fund: 
Category Winner Cre8tions
Performance Creation Ian Lui Film
Design Minnie Lam Fashion design
Food & Beverage Nicky Leung Flavoured butter making
Go Green Jorch Wong Door-to-door recycling collection platform
Innovation & Technology Wah Choi Cervical cancer testing pad
Mr. Alger Fung, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, says, "'Cre8 by AIA' has received overwhelming response ever since its launch, and over a thousand applications have been collected. As an advocate for local young people to pursue their dreams and aspirations, we are impressed by their infinite creativity, perseverance and passion for creating their desired future. We are deeply pleased to have built a platform for young people to realise their dreams and to support them with funding. I wish all participants smooth sailing in pursuing their exciting undertakings while holding onto the passion to create infinite possibilities and live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives."
With the additional fund offered by AIA Hong Kong, each runner-up from the 5 categories will receive HK$200,000 Cre8 Kickstart Fund:
Category Runners-up Cre8tions
Performance Creation Kinyi Sung Singer-songwriter
Design Ellis Luk Vegan leather handbag design
Food & Beverage Sarah Lai Pastry
Go Green Declan Leung Automated plastic recycling categorisation technology
Innovation & Technology Samuel Chan 3D organ scanning
Support from Star Mentors, Exposure and Funding from "Cre8 by AIA"

Since its launch in May, "Cre8 by AIA" has gained vast support and attention from the public. "Master of Cre8", Neo Yau and influential figures including Hins Cheung, Multi-talented Singer-songwriter, Rap Chan, Creator of Dustykid – Soul Caring Brand, Grégoire Michaud, Founder of Bakehouse – Bakery, Terence Hon, Co-founder of GreenPrice – Social Enterprise, and Chris Chan, Co-founder of 9GAG joined forces as mentors to share experience and provide guidance up-close and personal to the finalists.
Out of over a thousand applications, the Star Mentors selected two finalists for each category to mentor. Apart from standing a chance to win a HK$300,000 Cre8 Kickstart Fund, the ten finalists received personal guidance and experience sharing by their mentors to strategise their aspirations for success. Moreover, "Cre8 by AIA" also offers exposure and a stage for the participants to shine, including a social media campaign with Star Mentors and local content influencers featuring their work on their social media platforms, facilitating talent growth through an innovative approach.
Alger Fung, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau (forth from top left), and Ivan Choi, Director, Marketing and Business Planning of AIA Hong Kong & Macau (first from top right) as pictured with Neo Yau, Founder of "Trial & Error" Channel (third from top left), Hins Cheung, multi-talented songwriter-singer (fourth from top right), Chris Chan, Co-founder of 9GAG (first from top left), Alex Wong, Co-founder of Dustykid – Soul Caring Brand (second from top left), Terrence Hon, Co-founder of GreenPrice – Social Enterprise (third from top right), and Grégoire Michaud, Founder of Bakehouse – Bakery (second from top right) congratulate winners and runners-up at "Cre8 by AIA" award ceremony.
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About "Cre8 by AIA"
"Cre8 by AIA" competition is a youth-inspired co-creation programme dedicated to supporting young people to fully unleash their creativity to co-create tomorrow with infinite possibilities. "Cre8 by AIA" provides comprehensive support for young people to fulfill their creative aspirations, creating shared values for society. The Programme is designed to support talents in five categories – "Performance Creation", "Design", "Food & Beverage", "Go Green" and "Innovation & Technology". Young people can submit their "Cre8tion" to the applicable category for an opportunity to enter "Cre8 by AIA". Shortlisted cre8tors not only receive mentorships from Star Mentors and Judges, and promotional support from Cre8 for their endeavours but also a Cre8 kickstart fund totalling HK$2.5 million to pursue their dreams in building a career.
Cre8 website:
Cre8 Instagram: @cre8hk
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AIA Hong Kong's Youth-inspired Co-Creation Programme "Cre8 by AIA" Competition
Overview of Winners and Finalists
Finalists Category Biography

Kinyi Sung (Singer-songwriter)
Performance Creation Kinyi is a self-taught songwriter who has recently started his singing journey with a piano and a microphone. Kinyi is the producer, lyricist, and songwriter for his music and has published his music online. He has initiated collaboration with professional lyricists and his works have been broadcasted on the radio. Kinyi aspires to become a new-generation songwriter-singer and pledges to release two songs soon to continue to showcase his musical talents.

Winner: Ian Lui (Film)
Performance Creation Ian has gained diverse experience in directing movies and film photography since he started his university studies as a film major. His works have been featured in local and overseas screenings and film festivals. Ian is passionate in exploring cultural and humanity topics with films. He is now working on his next film, "The Hardest Thing to Ask For" that sheds light on birth-related issues in Hong Kong.

Ellis Luk
(Vegan leather handbag design)
Design A former advertising practitioner, Ellis founded her own vegan leather brand after discovering her interests in environment protection, mental well-being and family relationships. With her experience in the advertising industry and the guidance from her father, a retired leather craftsman, Ellis advocates the brand philosophy of waste reduction and protection of nature by innovating simplistic design with cactus skin. She plans to launch different products and develop her business by exporting her vegan leather products to other parts of the world.

Winner: Minnie Lam
(Fashion design)
Design Minnie who studied in Europe, received an award in an international fashion design competition. Instead of working for famous fashion brands, she founded her own brand to promote durable and aesthetic designs against wasteful fast fashion. She is well acclaimed for her skills in presenting abstract ideas with colours in her designs.

Winner: Nicky Leung
(Flavoured butter making)
Food and Beverage Nicky, passionate in cooking and well-acclaimed among his peers, aspires to hone and present his talents to others. He started to add truffles, chilies, tomatoes and chimichurri sauce to create different types of flavoured butter to enhance the taste of bread, pasta, and steak with a flavourful note. Receiving great response in different bazaars, Nicky plans to launch more flavours and sells his products in chain stores.

Sarah Lai
Food and Beverage Fuelled by the passion for French desserts, Sarah learnt to bake during her exchange studies in Switzerland and interned at a local bakery to refine her baking skills. After returning to Hong Kong, she founded an online shop specialising in traditional and innovative desserts made of fresh local ingredients, such as lemons from local farms and honey produced by local beekeepers.

Winner: Jorch Wong
(Door-to-door recycling collection platform)
Go Green Jorch is the founder of a one-stop door-to-door recycling service, offering a solution for domestic waste in Hong Kong. With two years of operational experience, Jorch and his team are now providing services in seven densely-populated residential areas. Users may sign up for the paid service on a mobile app. Jorch aspires to cultivate a culture of recycling and waste reduction and adapt his practice to the needs of people in Hong Kong.

Declan Leung
(Automated plastic recycling categorisation technology)
Go Green Declan set out on a mission to launch the cutting-edge plastic recycling sorting machine with his friends from secondary school. The design leverages near-infrared technology to categorise plastic waste for recycling. In addition to his profound knowledge in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, Declan is also well-equipped with business experience and a good social network in the start-up field. His partners are experts in science, engineering, and public policy. The plastic recycling sorting machine has entered the testing phase and is now going through trial use at partner universities.

Winner: Wah Choi
(Cervical cancer testing pad)
Innovation & Technology A former researcher in gynaecological diseases in the United States, Dr. Wah Choi discovered that many of her female friends had turned away from gynaecological examination due to discomfort, missing the treatment window for cervical cancer. After returning to Hong Kong, she re-evaluated the existing test and dedicated herself with a team to innovating cervical cancer-testing pads for early diagnosis and timely treatment.

Samuel Chan
(3D organ scanning)
Innovation & Technology As a student majoring in computer science, Samuel founded a human organ 3D scanning online platform with his university classmates to assist medical students in understanding human anatomy. Unlike other 3D scanning, their platform does not require complicated equipment. Their specially designed algorithm can create 3D models simply with a smartphone and upload them to their platform for users' viewing.

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