AIA Scholars Learnt about Environmental Protection

23 November 2023

Cooperating with the Elderly on Plastic Recycling and Exemplify Intergenerational Inclusion

Recipients of the AIA Scholarships (AIA Scholars) recently visited an environmental organisation to learn about environmental protection and gain insights into the environmental impacts of plastic waste and the local recycling industry. They also sorted and processed 6,500 recycled plastic bottles, learning how plastic waste was recycled into usable materials and contributing to environmental protection.
During the activity, AIA Scholars worked with the elderly workers who make a living by collecting and recycling waste. The collaboration gave the scholars an opportunity to learn about intergenerational inclusion and how environmental work provided job opportunities and improved self-esteem to the elderly. It is one of the activities of the Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP) organised by AIA Foundation. The activity also exemplifies AIA's drive for environmental protection and social inclusion as part of its "Environmental, Social and Governance" (ESG) commitment.
AIA Foundation established the AIA Scholarships in 2020 and pledged US$100 million to support 100 university students every year to complete their undergraduate studies at a Hong Kong university1 over the next several decades. On top of financial support throughout their academic journey, the scholars can join YLDP activities, such as career-planning workshops and community services, where they will be equipped with the skills needed to become socially responsible leaders of tomorrow.
1 Subject to eligibility criteria (including but not limited to academic merit and participation in community services or charitable work).
Recipients of the AIA Scholarships cooperated with the elderly to sort and process 6,500 recycled plastic bottles, learning about environmental protection and contributing to a greener environment.
Having learnt about environmental protection and the recycling process, AIA Scholars sorted the recycled plastic waste and bottles and removed the labels and wrappers.
AIA Scholars learnt about plastic recycling. Plastic waste and bottles are shredded into tiny pieces which will be turned into different types of plastic materials for reuse.
Raw materials are treated and transformed into plastic sheets which can be used to manufacture different new products.
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