AIA Creator Fund will provide a total of HK$5 million, training, mentorship, and exposure to support 5 awardees in pursuit of dreams towards social impact.


'I want to make a difference for greater good' - has this crossed your mind for a million times?
You've got a plan. We've got you a chance!
AIA fully supports you to make a social impact with your innovative mind.
Besides offering AIA Creator Fund totalling HK$5 million to realise your impact-making social innovation ideas, and a series of training and mentorship to provide you with experts' advice, we also provide publicity opportunities to put you in the spotlight!
If you have got an idea that you are passionate about,
but find it difficult to proceed because of limited resources and lack of guidance,
we are here to back you up and do good together.
Let's realise your change-making ideas and
co-create the most influential projects of social innovation!

Announcement of Winners

We are pleased to announce the 5 winners of AIA Creator Fund, who will each receive HK$1 million to realise his/her social innovation dreams.
Mr Alger Fung (middle), Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, and Ms Melissa Wong (3rd from left), Chief Customer & Marketing Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau, present the AIA Creator Fund cheque to the five winners.
Congratulations to the following winners:

As Turzo's grandfather grew older, his vision deteriorated, making it difficult to keep up with his daily habit of reading newspapers. His grandfather's diminished quality of life got Turzo thinking about how he could apply his engineering background to improve the lives of visually impaired individuals. Turzo and his team went on to develop Seekr, an intelligent assistive lens that captures real-time visual information for computation and then provides audio feedback describing the scenes and text in front of visually impaired individuals, including their distance from objects. Turzo hopes the technology can help visually impaired people regain their independence.
For more details, please visit Seekr's Facebook page

While pursuing her PhD studies, Florence Chan once witnessed several visually impaired individuals overcoming obstacles and manoeuvring through crosswalks with great perseverance. Noting their reliance on primitive means of mobility despite recent advancements in navigation technology, she was inspired to embark on a journey with her partner, Steve, and her team to develop GUIDi, an intelligent waistbelt catering specially for the visually impaired community. Leveraging AI vision, real-time computing and tactile feedback, this innovative device utilises vibrations and sound cues to assist visually impaired individuals with navigation. Florence and her team continue to refine this remarkable solution with the ultimate aim of having the waistbelt replace conventional aids such as canes and guide dogs, completely transforming the way visually impaired individuals commute.
For more details, please visit  AI Guided Limited's Facebook page.

Gary Cheung proudly serves as a key member of Hong Kong's only paper beverage carton recycling plant. Apart from overseeing day-to-day recycling operations, Gary actively engages with the public to promote environmental awareness. In line with this objective, he launched a community recycling service, Mil bus, that reaches residential estates across Hong Kong. Through this innovative initiative, Gary collects various reusable resources while providing a range of services to residents such as book exchange programmes, appliance and kitchenware repairs, and workshops on green living and initiatives. His unwavering commitment to fostering community connections and instilling environmental values has made him a true champion for a greener future in Hong Kong.
For more details, please visit MilMill's Facebook page.

Comma Leung, a university graduate in visual communication design, established her own design studio upon graduation. In a bid to raise public awareness for vulnerable communities, she actively involves individuals with disabilities in the art, design and production processes, aiming to empower them while also helping them generate income. Apart from her existing ventures, Comma is also planning to establish an inclusive art platform, In:visible art, imparting commercial art skills to persons with disabilities. This initiative aims to transform participants' creative works into marketable products, such as by launching merchandise or producing commercial design materials available for paid usage online. Through this innovative concept, Comma aspires to create job opportunities and promote inclusiveness.
For more details, please visit  Mosi mosi's Facebook page.

While taking care of his family, Jojo discovered that stairs had become an obstacle for one wheelchair-bound family member. In response, he embarked on a mission to empower individuals with limited mobility by enabling them to move freely and independently. With relentless determination, Jojo and his team successfully developed a revolutionary smart wheelchair, TenK, which is capable of traversing various terrains and even conquering staircases. This ground-breaking innovation also comes equipped with cutting-edge features including intelligent environmental sensing and advanced navigational capabilities. Soon to hit the market, this intelligent wheelchair is poised to transform the lives of those facing mobility limitations and contribute to Hong Kong's transformation into a smart city.
For more details, please visit Libpet's website.
Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to all applicants of AIA Creator Fund! Please keep your passion alive and continue to create innovative ideas that contribute to the betterment of society.



The use of creative ways (products, services or any solutions) to bring social impact in Hong Kong. Examples are as follows:
  • Innovation for a better life (e.g., relief of sickness and disability, health and wellness, reduction of carbon emission and sustainability, etc)
  • Conservation of habitats/species/historical sites, etc
  • Education and skill development
  • Promotion of inclusion (e.g., elderly, people with disabilities, people of different races, etc)
  • Poverty alleviation


Anyone who holds a valid Hong Kong Identity Card and aged 18 or above on the date of participation.


From now till 31 October 2023
Please submit your personal information and proposal.
November 2023
The judge(s) will review and rate all proposals.
Before 15 January 2024*
The top 5 entries will be shortlisted by judges and awarded. Each awardee will receive HK$1 million from the AIA Creator Fund (which consists of a total of HK$5 million for all awardees).
January to March 2024
5 awardees will undergo training and mentorship to refine and implement their proposals, and get ready for market launch.

* Thank you very much for your support. The response has been overwhelming. Due to the high volume of applications, it takes us a little bit longer for judging. The winner announcement will be made by 15 January 2024. Stay tuned!


  • How innovative your idea is?
  • What social impact will you be making?
  • How to implement your proposal?
  • How to sustain it?
For detailed judging criteria, please refer to the section A "Judging and operation" in the terms and conditions of AIA Creator Fund.


For enquiries, please send an email to


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