AIA Carnival

Since 2014, the AIA Carnival has grown to become a must-see attraction among the general public and tourists.
It takes place from December to February, spanning major holidays including Christmas and Chinese New Year. During the festive season, AIA Carnival offers the perfect place where families and friends can spend some fun time together, bringing the idea of better living to life!
In 2019, AIA Hong Kong gives away 3,000 Carnival ticket packages comprising an admission ticket, a dining voucher and game tokens to children from six non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”), enabling them to enjoy a fun-filled day at the Carnival. Worth a total of over HK$1 million, these sponsored Carnival ticket packages are shared with The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, Music Children Foundation, The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, St. James' Settlement and Windshield Charitable Foundation.