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There are many different ways to earn AIA Vitality points. Simply by being active in daily life and having a healthy diet, you can earn points and upgrade your status for more offers and rewards. The more you engage with AIA Vitality, the more AIA Vitality Points you earn and the higher your AIA Vitality Status, leading to greater premium discount, lifestyle rewards and offers and a healthier you.


We'll recommend health goals using the results of your AIA Vitality Health Review.

Organised fitness events

Earn AIA Vitality Points for participating in sports events such as walking, swimming, running, cycling, mountain biking, canoeing, and triathlons.

Healthy eating

Enjoy up to 20% off healthy food (fresh fruits and vegetables) at Market Place after you complete the AIA Vitality Health Check.

Stop smoking

We help make your goal to stop smoking more affordable. Sign up for Allen Carr's Easyway smoking cessation programme and enjoy 30% discount.

Sleep well

As an AIA Vitality member, you will get access to tools to manage your sleep, and get rewarded for healthy sleep behavior.

AIA Vitality Monthly Challenge

Earn your exercise points through exercising and enjoy up to 2 reward credits a month.

Gym and fitness

AIA Vitality offers a range of partners that can provide you exclusive offers and help you improve your health and reach your health goals. What's more, you earn AIA Vitality Points as you work towards a healthier life.