Cashless hospitalisation in Mainland China

We offer cashless hospitalisation on Individual Medical plans; you can enjoy high-quality medical services in specific hospitals in mainland China, and we will pay the charges directly. 
For details, please refer to the document below:
List of LOG Hospitals in mainland China: Only available in Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese
LOG = Letter of Guarantee (Pre-approval for admission to hospitals)

Pre-admission enquiry

Fax: (852) 3118 9083
Hotline: (852) 2232 8870

If you have already purchased the above product, and your phone has IDD function, you can call our PRC Toll Free Hotline on 4008-428-009. 

Important notes:

Pre-approval Service or Credit Facility Service is not a contractual service but an administrative arrangement offered in our absolute discretion in respect of covered expenses incurred. It is subject to termination at any time without prior notice.
You will be required to provide treatment information and authorize AIA to collect shortfall of medical expenses, if any, from your authorized credit card account.
The actual date of claim notification depends on the submission of required documents by service provider.
All the claims settlement will be subjected to the final bill and the policy terms & conditions.