Personal Medical Case Management Services with Rehabilitation Management

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Important information

  1. Subject to individual policy provisions, the personal medical case management services and / or Rehabilitation Management may only be the value-added services and not form part of the contractual benefit. AIA reserves the right to amend or cancel the service at any time without prior notice at its absolute discretion. For detail, please refer to your policy provision, or contact AIA for enquiry.
  2. Medix is an independent third-party company. AIA shall not be responsible or liable for any medical service, product and solicitation effort provided by Medix, which is not sold or marketed by AIA.
  3. Eligibility for service is subject to evaluation^ by AIA and Medix and the services provided are subject to the terms and conditions of Medix.
  4. Additional charges might be incurred for some particular services stated by Medix.
  5. With customer's informed consent, their medical history will be passed to Medix for providing the related services.
  6. Statistics and service information stated in this webpage have been verified by Medix only. AIA shall not be responsible or liable for the statistic and services information stated in this webpage.
  7. The above information is for reference only. Please contact Medix for full details of the scope of the service.
^ Evaluation includes the status of customer's eligible benefit and his / her medical conditions. The service may not be applicable to certain medical conditions related to: conditions typically attended to by primary healthcare services (e.g. influenza), emergency conditions, cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, fertility and obstetrics, psychiatric and / or mental conditions, conditions which require regular management under specialised clinics (e.g. diabetes), dentistry related conditions, substance abuse related disorders and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), etc. Rehabilitation Management is only applicable for Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease patients with specific conditions. Please contact Medix to learn more and check eligibility for specific cases.

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