Telemedicine service

(Applicable to Hong Kong Only)

Let you have a medical consultation and medication while staying at home

How does it works?

Simple 4 reservation steps at your AIA Connect

Login to "AIA Connect" ,click the link to "Telemedicine service" under "News" section and press "BOOK NOW"

Make appointment at EC Healthcare website by selecting Consultation Date, Time and Doctor, and confirm the notes about the usage of the "Telemedicine Service". Then, fill in personal particulars, including name, email address, phone, ID number, gender, date of birth, AIA policy number, AIA designated code*, address of delivery, name of recipient, patient's body temperature, and select whether require invoice and sick leave certificate
*It is listed at the "Telemedicine Service" link in AIA Connect

Preview the appointment date and time of the selected doctor and agree with the terms & conditions. Then, press "confirm booking". ECHealthcare will contact customer to confirm the booking and provide the payment link. The charge includes 3 days basic medication and medication courier service

Upon completed the payment, ECHealthcare will send the consultation meeting link to the customer's registered email
Points to note:
  • Insured will be sent an acknowledgement at the email address he/she provided while making the booking and EC Healthcare will contact him/her to confirm his/her booking. Cancellation must be made no less than 1 working day prior to the scheduled appointment time.
  • Insured may be asked to present his/her HKID card/ Passport/ AIA medical card for ID verification during the consultation.
  • Insured may request EC Healthcare to provide consultation proof, including receipt, sick leave certificate, referral letter (if applicable).
  • If the consultation is completed before 5:30pm, prescribed medicine (if any) will normally be delivered directly to you on the same day. Actual delivery time varies depending on the location, delivery service may be delayed due to busy service. If not, delivery would be arranged on the next working day. Prescription delivery service is not applicable to medication that requires refrigeration and rural areas (such as Lo Wu, Mai Po, Man Kam To, Ta Kwu Ling, Island District and restricted areas).
  • The telemedicine service hours is subject to doctors' availability and may vary from time to time without prior notice.
Note: AIA and its intermediaries do not have relevant licences and/or qualifications to provide medical services. The service is provided by independent third-party companies. AIA shall not be responsible or liable for any medical service, product and solicitation effort provided by third-party companies, which is not sold or marketed by AIA. The service is available to eligible customers only and are subject to the relevant terms and conditions. Customers might need to pay for additional charges. For details, please contact your financial planner or refer to the brochure, policy contract or visit the website for the terms and conditions. AIA and its intermediaries do not provide any medical advice. You should consult your medical advisors for any professional medical advice.
Important Note:
  1. Telemedicine Service is provided by EC Healthcare. EC Healthcare is an independent third-party company. AIA shall not be responsible or liable for any medical service, product and solicitation effort provided by EC Healthcare, which is not sold or marketed by AIA.
  2. Telemedicine Service is only applicable to insured physically in Hong Kong.
  3. Telemedicine Service involves the use of audio, video or other electronic communications to interact with you, consult with your healthcare provider and/or review your medical information for the purpose of diagnosis, therapy, follow-up and/or education. The use of video technology to deliver healthcare and educational services is a new technology and may not be equivalent to direct patient to physician contact.
  4. EC Healthcare and AIA may revise the terms and conditions of the Telemedicine Service without prior notice.
  5. Telemedicine service is the additional benefit and does not form part of the eligible plan. AIA has the absolute discretion to terminate the Telemedicine Service at any time without prior notice.