Bank payment

You can pay at the following banks: 
Bank of East Asia
Accept cash and cheque in HKD/USD at branches in Hong Kong
Service hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday; 9:00am to 1:00pm, Saturday.
Only at bank branches with counter services.
Important information:
  • Cash payment per transaction at Bank of East Asia is maximum of HKD120,000 or USD15,000.
  • We can only accept cheques issued by policyowner or the insured. For cheque payment, account holder name should be printed on the cheque. 
  • For payment in bank draft, customers are recommended to provide a valid bank receipt with name of the purchaser.
    • For bank draft payment (paid via any payment channels) accumulated more than USD 50,000 or HKD equivalent ("the threshold") for each policy for the last 365 days, valid bank receipt must be provided.
    • For a bank draft payment with more than USD 50,000 or HKD equivalent ("the threshold"), valid bank receipt must be provided.
  • To meet the regulatory requirements, if you make a cash transaction of HKD120,000 or above (or USD equivalent) at any Banks, you need to show your ID card and sign the deposit slip to allow the bank to transfer the information to us.
  • It is required to show the premium notice if payment at Bank of East Asia. 
  • Please make the payment in advance of the due date, as it takes 3 working days to process the payment.
  • Banks may collect transaction fees from the customers, please contact relevant banks for details.

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