Terms and Conditions for FPS / e-BankIn

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them.
1. I / We hereby apply for services as indicated in this form and I / we understand that the services applied for shall be effective from the date of approval. Such approval is at the discretion of the AIA International Limited (“the Company”), and any service / payment provided by the Company is subject to the terms and conditions, rules, regulations and official issuances of the Company applicable to and/or governing “FPS / e-BankIn” services (which may be from time to time enacted, revised, modified or altered according to the Company's policy) and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant insurance policy.
2. If I / We fail to provide any information requested in this form or such other information as may be requested by the Company, it may result in the Company's inability to process this application.
Use of FPS / e-BankIn
3. I / We agree to abide by such terms and conditions, rules, regulations and official issuances as the Company may prescribe from time to time for the operation and maintenance of the “FPS / e-BankIn” to transfer policy benefits to the bank account designated by me / us.
4. I / We agree that the Company may impose reasonable fees and / or charges for the provision and maintenance of, and in connection with the arrangement of, direct payment of policy benefits to the bank account designated by me / us, as the Company may see fit. The Company may deduct and / or set off such fees and / or charges from the payment as the Company sees fit. The Company is not liable to any charge, fee, penalty or payment imposed by the bank on my / our designated bank account in processing the “FPS / e-BankIn” application and in accepting and processing the Company's payment(s) into my / our designated bank account.
For e-BankIn only:I / We understand that the Company will agree to arrange payment of policy benefits to the bank account of the policy owner only. The bank account number submitted by me / us is that of the policyowner of the relevant policy at the time of this application. I / We authorize the Company to verify the bank account holder details with the relevant bank if necessary. I / We understand that the Company will only accept bank account of those banking institutions with branches in Hong Kong. 
5. If the policy is subsequently assigned and/or if there is any change of policy ownership, no payment will be made to the designated bank account and any “FPS / e-BankIn” service rendered by the Company will immediately cease. 
6. Unless special arrangement granted to designated bank(s)* for making payment in US dollar dominated currency (Applicable to Multi-Currency account only), payment(s) made by the Company will only be made in Hong Kong dollar dominated currency, and if any benefit payable under the relevant policy is designated in any other currencies, the amount will be converted to the currency of Hong Kong dollars on the day that the payment is processed at the internal exchange rate as determined by the Company in its discretion. I / We release and indemnify the Company from and against all liabilities arising from and in connection with the application of the internal exchange rate for the conversion and payment to my / our designated bank account.
* designated bank(s): Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited
7. Any payment made by the Company will be subject to a maximum amount as the Company may at its discretion determine. If the benefit payable exceeds the maximum limit prescribed by the Company, the entire amount will not be deposited into the bank account designated by me / us but will be paid to me / us by way of other methods as the Company finds convenient. 
8. Unless enrollment of the “FPS / e-BankIn” service is duly revoked by advance written notice, any sum paid by the Company into my / our designated bank account shall constitute a complete, full and final discharge of the amount so paid. To cancel enrollment of the “FPS / e-BankIn” service and/or to change the designated bank account, I / we have to give prior written notice to the Company in its prescribed form. The Company will only accept such request if I / we am / are the policy owner at the time of the submission of the prescribed form. Any cancellation or change will only be effected after the written request in prescribed form is received and approved by the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any liability, loss or damage arising from and in connection with my / our application for the cancellation of enrollment / change of designated bank account. 
9. If, for any reason, the Company is unable to arrange remittance to my / our designated bank account, I / we agree that the Company may use other methods of payment as it finds convenient. 
10. The Company has the discretion from time to time to withdraw, modify, suspend or discontinue the “FPS / e-BankIn” service without giving any reason or prior notice.  
Liability of the Company
11. Neither the Company, its associates, nor any of their directors, officers, employees or agents, shall be liable to me/us for any for any damages, loss or other liability whatsoever (both direct and indirect) and / or any consequential, incidental or special damages (including but not limited to any loss of profits or loss of savings), as a result of and / or by reason of:-
(a) My / our acceptance and / or use of the “FPS / e-BankIn” services provided by the Company; 
(b) Reliance on any information or material available or opinion appearing on this form, the website and / or other materials provided by the Company;
(c) Any act, error or omission by the Company or any of its associates, or their directors, officers, employees or agents other than as a result of a fraud or willful default of the Company, its associates, their directors, officers, employees or agents;
(d) The Company's failure in good faith to honour any stop-payment instructions given by me / us; 
(e) Any act, error, omission or insolvency of any person not associated with the Company.
12. In the event that it is decided by a Court of Law or tribunal that any part of clause 12 cannot be permitted to waive liability then the liability of the Company in total shall only be limited to the actual amount paid or payable into my / our designated bank account.
Indemnity to the Company
13. Without prejudice to any other provisions, I / we agree to indemnify and keep the Company indemnified against all reasonable losses, liabilities, damages and costs (including all legal costs and/or litigation fees and expenses reasonably incurred, disbursements, other professional fees and any cost of investigating and defending or asserting any claim for indemnification hereunder), proceedings, claims and demands which the Company may reasonably suffer or incur as a result of any transactions or contracts entered into or services provided in respect of the “FPS / e-BankIn” services. I / we agree to immediately pay in full any sums due to the Company under any of these indemnities. The rights and remedies that this clause confers are not exclusive and shall not preclude the Company‘s assertion, as the case may be, of any rights or remedies available to the Company at law or equity (including but not limited to any right of set-off).
14. If, at any time, any of these terms and conditions is or become illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect, the legality, validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected.
English and Chinese Versions
15. If there is any difference between the English language version of this form and the Chinese language version, the English language version shall prevail for all purposes.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
16. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. Both Parties hereby irrevocably agree that solely courts located in Hong Kong shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any dispute and difference arising out of and in connection with these terms and conditions, and for such purposes hereby irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of said court(s).
Declaration & Authorization
(1) By using the FPS / e-BankIn, I / we confirm I / we have read and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out on this form.  
(2) I / We declare that the information contained herein and provided to AIA International Limited (hereinafter called “the Company”) are in all respects true, correct and complete to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.
I / We confirm that I / We have read and understood the Personal Information Collection Statement of my policy issuer (the "Statement") as in the website.

I / We declare and agree that any personal data and other information relating to me / us or my / our policy(ies) or investments contained in this application or collected, obtained, compiled or held by my policy issuer by any means from time to time may be collected and utilized in accordance with the Statement.
I / We acknowledge and consent to the transfer of my personal data outside of Hong Kong (for policies issued in Hong Kong) or Macau (for policies issued in Macau), as the case may be, for the purposes and to the types of transferee as set out in the Statement.

The latest version of the Statement which complies with the relevant rules and regulations is available for download from above website and upon request.