Hongkong Post

You can pay in person at all Hong Kong Post offices by HKD cash, HKD/ USD cheque/ bankdraft and EPS.

Important information
  • Only accept HKD cash payment with maximum of HKD80,000 per policy by policyholder where premium notice is not required upon settlement.
  • Policyholders who settle premium in any amount by EPS, HKD or local USD cheques and bank drafts are required to show their premium notice and comply with the payment guidelines. Name imprinted on cheque/ bankdraft purchase receipt/ ATM card must be identical to the policyholder name which printed above the correspondence address on the premium notice. If policyholders fail to meet the requirements, Hongkong Post will reject such payment.
  • For bank draft payment, it is required to present bank draft purchase receipt as evidence upon payment.
  • Electronic billing notice is acceptable.
  • Hongkong Post will print an acknowledgement of payment on the premium notice, please keep this as the official receipt.
  • Payment will be processed by us in 3 working days. 

Foreign currencies exchange rates

Exchange rate of foreign currencies to Hong Kong Dollar

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