PPS payment

You can make payments via PPS by Phone, by Internet or mobile app
Please select the appropriate category for the Bill Type:
Please select bill type 01 to pay premium and levy (if applicable) together in one transaction. If premium is paid and you would like to pay the levy only (if applicable), please select bill type 05.
When you enter the 10-digit PPS / ATM Bill Account Number (i.e. Policy Number or AIA Vitality Membership Number), please replace the first letter with the following number:
Please select bill type “06” to pay Group Premium and/or Levy (if applicable). This is only applicable for settling premium and levy of Group Insurance policy (applicable to one sub-office only) (i.e. no other sub-office), with a total amount of HK$100,000 or below.

For Group Insurance policy holder (Employers), your 8-digit PPS / Payment No. is printed on the remittance slip.
First letter Replace with 
"B" "1"
"E" "2"
"P" "3"
"A" "4"
"C" "5"
"G" "6"
"M" "8"
"V" "9"
No letter Press "0" before entering the policy no
Important information
  • For further details of setting up a PPS account, please refer the website (www.ppshk.com).
  • Please write down the reference number of the transaction for your record.
  • Please make the payment in advance of the due date, as it takes 3 working days to process the payment.

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