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Lifelong global medical protection up to HK$40 million
Eligibility Companies with at least 3 full-time employees
Employee benefit term Up to age 69
Employee issue age Age 65 or below

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The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the product and the full terms can be found in the policy contract. You have the right to request a sample of policy contract before committing to the purchase. Please note the relevant product risks. This product can be purchased as a basic plan.
  • The above information is for Hong Kong only. 

  • All information here is for reference only. The product information in this webpage does not contain the full terms of the product. For the details of the product features, terms and conditions, exclusions and key product risks, you may refer to the product brochure and policy contract of the relevant products. In case you want to read policy contract sample before making an application, you can obtain a copy from AIA. 

  • This plan can only be purchased as a basic plan. 

  1. Applicable to employees aged 65 or below, who passed the medical underwriting at the time of application for this plan and have been in the same plan for two years running. 

This plan is not applicable to the below industries / organisations: 

  1. Group where other than a single employer or employee relationship exists 
  2. Group where eligible employees include seasonal, unskilled, part-time or transient workers 
  3. Association of individuals or companies 
  4. Bus, taxi or truck driver (Risks involved with driving in mainland China will be excluded) 
  5. Construction group 
  6. Labour union 
  7. Hospital / doctor / nurse / medical or clinic group
  8. Political or religious group 
  9. Sports team 
  10. Underground mine worker 
  11. Farmer / agriculture / animal processing 
  12. Employee leasing firm or temporary agency 
  13. Window and/or industrial cleaning service 
  14. Spa, Turkish bath, massage parlor, gymnasium, health resort or similar enterprises 
  15. Theatre, amusement park, dance hall, billiard parlor, and bowling alley or sports promoter 
  16. Group which involves special hazards / risks
    a) Commercial airline personnel
    b) Nuclear power or chemical production plant
    c) Police or security officer
    d) Fireman
    e) Manufacturer or user of ammunition or explosive
    f) Military and military related group
    g) Collective traveling group (e.g. Professional sports team, air crew, offshore worker, oil rig worker, ship crew, diver or driller (oil, water, underground coal), underground miner)

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