Understanding Withdrawal of MPF Benefits in Instalments in Just 1 Minute

From now on, retiring MPF member is no longer required to withdraw their MPF in a lump sum, but can choose to do so in installments and so enjoy greater flexibility! Get more information about MPF withdrawal below.

What is “Withdrawal of MPF benefits in instalments”?

Starting from February 2016, MPF scheme members may choose to withdraw only part of their MPF upon retirement to cope with immediate needs, leaving the rest in their account for later withdrawal as necessary.

What are the benefits of “Withdrawal in Instalments”?

  1. If market conditions are less than ideal at retirement, full withdrawal of MPF balance might lead to losses. By withdrawing their MPF in instalments, members can redeem their investments at their own pace and when necessary, minimising the impact of a bear market.
  2. Upon partial withdrawal of their MPF balance, members can continue to invest the remaining balance and let time grow their reserves*.

What is unique about AIA MPF's “Withdrawal in Instalments” service?

AIA MPF does not impose restrictions on the number of withdrawals, meaning members can make unlimited withdrawals for free, and no additional charges will be incurred.
The MPF system is continuously evolving, and each change has personal implications for members. Take some time, learn about these changes, remind fellow to-be-retirees about them – and together enjoy the fruits of better wealth management! For more details, please call our Member Hotline at 2200 6288.

* Investment involves risks. Investment performance and returns may go down as well as up.