e-Service platform for employers

To help employers manage their MPF administrative tasks more efficiently, we have a range of e-services for employers:
Online Contribution Upload Payroll File
1. Log into aia.com.hk
2. Click "Online Contribution"
3. Follow the instructions to input the contribution data, calculate your contributions and complete all steps until you receive a reference no.

1. Log into aia.com.hk
2. Click “Upload Payroll File”, add the payroll file(s)* and follow the instructions to complete all steps until you receive a confirmation

* You could make use of our AIA MPF Calculator or AIA Alpha1 to prepare the file(s)
1. To further speed up the contribution process, we advise you to settle your contribution payment via autopay. 
2. If there is a default contribution and surcharge, please settle them in one go for easier record management.
  • Electronic Monthly Statement of Payment Account
  • Contribution Due Date Reminder
  • Contribution Payment Acknowledgement
  • Contribution Follow up Reminder
To ensure you receive our latest updates, please log into your employer account and update your email address.
For details of e-Service Platform for employers, please call our Employer Hotline at 2100 1888 or contact your customer service representative.
1AIA Alpha is provided by Asia Pacific Soft Limited (APSoft), an independent third-party company, and only applicable to corporates with a minimum of 10 employees. Use of AIA Alpha will be subject to terms and conditions, please refer to the relevant promotional leaflet for details.