AIA Hong Kong Rolls Out Promotion Offers for “Non-Face-to-Face Purchasing” Arrangement As High As Five Months' Premium Refund Gives Customers More Financial Flexibility When Planning for Protection

1 April 2020
Following the expansion of the product suite for the “Non-Face-to-Face Purchasing” arrangement, AIA Hong Kong is rolling out promotion offers to help customers plan for protection. From now till 30 June 2020, customers who successfully apply for specified protection plans from the “Non-Face-to-Face Purchasing” arrangement product suite can enjoy as high as five months' premium refund for 10 products. A total of 23 products are now available under the arrangement, including the AIA Deferred Annuity Plan and AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Schemes, as well as other products from medical, critical illness, term policies and personal accident categories, for customers to purchase at home via digital, telephone, postal and video-conference anytime, anywhere.

Mr. Peter Crewe, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau said, “The essence of insurance is to provide peace of mind to people so they can better manage and overcome uncertainties. There is no more pressing time than now for customers to look for insurance solutions to ensure that their lives can be well protected and secure. This is the moment for us to step in and show our customers that we are committed to making our best effort to provide them our support, as demonstrated by our immediate response to the Insurance Authority's expansion of products, and today's offer of premium refund. We pledge to continue to act swiftly to the evolvement of the pandemic, and provide the necessary safeguards to our customers to help them live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.”

Products from the “Non-Face-to-Face Purchasing” Arrangement Product Suite Offering
Five Months' Premium Refund
Type Product Name
1 Medical AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Standard Scheme
2 AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Flexi Scheme
3 AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Prime Scheme
4 Cancer Guardian 2
5 CEO Essence Medical Plan 2
6 Super Good Health Medical Plan 2
7 Critical Illness Superior Critical Illness Plan Pro
8 Level-Up Protect Cancer Plan
9 Term Policies Expert Term Life Plan
10 Wisdom Term Life Plan

Other Products from the “Non-Face-to-Face Purchasing” Arrangement Product Suite 
Type Product Name
1 Savings AIA Deferred Annuity Plan
2 Medical CEO Medical Plan 5 / CEO Medical Plan (Worldwide) 5
3 Flexi-MediGuard Hospital Income Plan
4 Critical Illness Super HealthGuard Pro
5 Cancer Care Essence
6 Personal Accident Grand VIP
7 Secure First
8 Secure First Plus
9 Super Adults Shield
10 Super Seniors Shield
11 Super Kids Shield
12 Premium Refund – Accidental HI
13 105 Premium Refund – AMR

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