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Is your laptop giving you jetlag?

Looking at your screen can hamper your sleep. Limit screen time 3 hours before bed to help you get #OneMoreHour of sleep.

Sunshine helps you sleep better in the nighttime.

Getting enough sunlight can help your body clock stay in tune with the rhythm of the day. One tip to help you get #OneMoreHour.

Looking for a nightcap? Switch to decaf.

Caffeine can stay in your body for up to 8 hours. To get #OneMoreHour of sleep, switch to herbal tea after 4PM.

Less booze for more snooze.

Post-work drinks can interfere with your sleep. Try going without it to help you get #OneMoreHour of sleep.

Make sleep a habit to get better at it.

Getting into bed and waking up at the same time everyday can help you get better sleep. One tip to help you get #OneMoreHour.

Good sheets mean better sleeps.

Investing in the right pillow, mattress and quality sheets can make a difference in helping you get #OneMoreHour of sleep.

Block out light for a good night.

Even the tiniest ray of light can keep you awake. Get some blackout curtains or an eye mask to help you get #OneMoreHour.

Avoid the late-night bite.

Resist a late night snack as this can get in the way of a good night's sleep. One tip to help you get #OneMoreHour.

Breathe in before you turn in.

Work keeping you up at night? Try meditation or deep breathing exercises to help you get #OneMoreHour of sleep.

Working out can help you sleep in.

Exercise helps increase the depth and duration of sleep. One tip to help you get #OneMoreHour.

Turn that B into A with more ZZZ.

Your mind memorises and stores information while you're asleep. #OneMoreHour of sleep can help you learn better.

More sleep makes you sharper.

#OneMoreHour of sleep can help you be less forgetful, improve your focus and increase your attention span.

To be quicker on your feet, stay fast asleep.

#OneMoreHour of sleep can be just as important for an athlete as training. That's because your body repairs itself at night.

Lie down and lose weight.

Lose weight while asleep? It's a dream come true. #OneMoreHour of sleep helps your metabolism stay balanced.

One more hour turns sleep into beauty sleep.

Who needs expensive night creams? A good night's sleep helps you achieve that rested glow for free.

Hit the sack to beat the flu.

#OneMoreHour of sleep boosts your immune system. Which means less time off work and sick days for the kids.

One more hour means you shine when you rise.

Most people say they wake up feeling tired. But one more hour of sleep helps boost your mood and energy.

Love sleep. It's good for the heart.

Getting #OneMoreHour of sleep can help keep your heart strong and regulate your blood pressure.