Terms and conditions for BEA USD direct debit authorisation for bank account application

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them. 
1. I/We hereby apply for services as indicated in this authorisation form and I/we understand that the services applied for shall be effective from the date of approval. Such approval is at the discretion of AIA Everest Life Company Limited ("the Company"), and any service provided by the Company is subject to the terms and conditions, rules, regulations and official issuances of the Company applicable to and/or governing BEA USD Direct Debit Authorisation for Bank Account application (which may be from time to time enacted, revised, modified or altered according to the Company's policy) and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant insurance policy.
2. If I/We fail to provide any information requested in this authorisation form or such other information as may be requested by the Company, it may result in the Company's inability to process this application.

BEA USD Direct Debit Authorisation for Bank Account Application
3. I/We understand this authorisation form shall be completed and returned to the party to be credited (The Beneficiary) - AIA Everest Life Company Limited
4. I /We understand this authorisation form is only applicable to USD account (account opened in The Bank of East Asia, Limited) and the transaction will be debited in USD.
5. I/We hereby authorise my/our named Bank in this authorisation form to effect transfers from my/our account to that of the above named Beneficiary ( AIA Everest Life Company Limited) in accordance with such instructions as my/our Bank may receive from the Beneficiary from time to time.
6. I/We agree that my/our Bank shall not be obliged to ascertain whether or not notice of any such transfer has been give to me/us.
7. I/We jointly and severally accept full responsibility for any overdraft (or increase in existing overdraft) on my/our account which may arise as a result of such transfer(s).
8. I/We agree that should there be insufficient funds in my/our account to meet any transfer hereby authorised, my/our Bank shall be entitled, in its discretion, not to effect such transfer in which event the Bank may make the usual charge that it may cancel this authorisation at any time on one week's written notice.
9. This authorisation shall have effect until further notice.
10. I/We agree that any notice of cancellation or variation of this authorisation which I/we may give to my/our Bank shall be given at least two working days prior to the date on which such cancellation/variation is to take effect.

11. If, at any time, any of these terms and conditions is or become illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect, the legality, validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected.

English and Chinese Versions
12. If there is any difference between the English language version of this authorisation form and the Chinese language version, the English language version shall prevail for all purposes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
13. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. Both Parties hereby irrevocably agree that solely courts located in Hong Kong shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any dispute and difference arising out of and in connection with these terms and conditions, and for such purposes hereby irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of said court(s).

Declaration & Authorization
14. By applying for BEA USD Direct Debit Authorisation for Bank Account, I/We confirm I/we have read and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out above.
15. I/We declare that the information contained herein and provided to the Company are in all respects true, correct and complete to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

16. I / We confirm that I / We have read and understood the AIA Everest Life Company Limited's (AIA Everest) Personal Information Collection Statement (the Statement).
17. I / We declare and agree that any personal data and other information relating to me / us or my / our policy(ies) or investments contained in this application or collected, obtained, compiled or held by AIA Everest by any means from time to time may be collected and utilized in accordance with the Statement.
18. I / We acknowledge and consent to the transfer of my / our personal data to parties within or outside Hong Kong for the purposes as set out in the Statement. The updated version of the Statement which complies with the relevant rules and regulations is available for download from its website:
https://www.aia.com.hk/content/dam/hk-wise/pdf/privacy-statement/AIAE-PICS-English.pdf, and is also available upon request.