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Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance Policy 2.0

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Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance Policy 2.0

Be at ease with all-round protection for your household contents, personal belongings and liability
Benefit term 1 year

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The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the product and the full terms can be found in the policy contract. You have the right to request a sample of policy contract before committing to the purchase. Please note the relevant product risks.

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  • All information here is for reference only. The product information in this webpage does not contain the full terms of the product. For the details of the product features, terms and conditions, exclusions and key product risks, you may refer to the product brochure and policy contract of the relevant products. In case you want to read policy contract sample before making an application, you can obtain a copy from AIA. 

  • This insurance is underwritten by AIA Company Limited. 

  1. All Risks Policy provides you with the most comprehensive coverage. The insured perils include fire, explosion, earthquake, burglary, malicious damage, flood, burst pipes (excluding the pipe itself and the associated works), typhoon, storms and other accidental damages.

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