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AIA provides "Comprehensive employee benefit solutions" to large corporations and SMEs. We are one of the few providers offering one-stop Pension, Group Insurance and Employee Voluntary Protection solutions. Even companies with as few as three full-time employees can join our Group Insurance plan. We uphold a "customer-centric" philosophy, and meet customers' needs by providing comprehensive Group Insurance plans along with high-quality, easy and convenient services, allowing you to focus on developing your business. Watch the introduction video.

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  1. Some services may be applicable to designated plans only and may not form part of your group policy. The services may involve additional fees which may not be covered by your group policy. AIA and its intermediaries do not have relevant licenses and/or qualifications to provide medical services or advice. For professional medical advice, please consult your medical advisor. AIA will not be liable for any medical services, products or solicitations provided by third-party companies that are not sold or promoted by AIA.​
  2. Subject to company size. Annual fee applies.​
  3. Applicable to designated group policies. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the policy contract of designated policies for details. Patient must be located in Hong Kong when using Telemedicine Services. ​