Make additional voluntary contributions to further grow your retirement reserve

AIA MPF Happy Retirement Savings Programme

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AIA MPF Happy Retirement Savings Programme

Grow your wealth over time by making voluntary contributions from our diverse fund choices, all through your regular MPF platform. AIA also provides flexible contributions and withdrawal arrangements for your retirement preparation.

Highlight features

Do you need to delay your retirement?

  • With an individual shortfall of HK$2.3 million (median), a record-high among all previous surveys
  • Nearly 7 in 10 will not be able to achieve their retirement reserve goals
  • Those who cannot achieve their retirement reserve will have to delay retirement by over 10 years
Source: AIA Desired Retirement Tracker, February 2023

How to contribute

  • The Happy Retirement Savings Programme is not a savings plan. It invests in MPF funds provided by AIA.
  • Investment involves risks and not all investment choices provided by AIA would be suitable for everyone. Investment performance and returns may go down as well as up.
  • Contribution amount, withdrawal amount, and remaining balance in your account are subject to a minimum amount.
  • Switching or rebalancing requests from certain portfolios may be subject to an annual limit.
  1. Funds with a Fund Expense Ratio (FER) of ≦1.3% or management fees, plus guarantee charges if applicable, of ≦1%. Source: MPFA website, data as at 28 February 2023.
  2. Per annum of net asset value.
  3. Except for Guaranteed Portfolio which participants are permitted to raise only one switch request out of this fund to other fund(s) within the same scheme year. Switches or reallocations via the Interactive Voice Response System or Interactive Website are free of charge, but subject to an access fee (which is currently waived).
  4. The minimum withdrawal amount is HK$2,000 per transaction. The remaining balance must be HK$5,000 or above.
  5. Terms & conditions apply, please refer to the programme brochure.